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The nerdfighters who heroically ate Peeps for Bangladesh to save me from certain sugar poisoning:

In which John discusses eating Peeps for Bangladesh, asks someone to Prom, shares some amazing nerdfightastic photographs from the ning, and shares gratuitous footage of his Westie puppy.


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Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday. Today's video comes to you in four very special parts, each beginning with the letter P.

Part 1: Peeps, Part 2: Prom, Part 3: Photographs, and Part 4: Puppy, Bubbles the Nerdfighting.

Hank, yesterday I was supposed to eat somewhere in the neighborhood of 315 peeps. You'll never guess how many I actually ate. None. The thing is Hank it's kind of a crazy busy week 'cause I gotta turn around these two revisions - one on this book I'm writing and then one on this movie.

And I figured it would likely be kind of disastrous to my productivity if I ate more than 300 peeps in a single day. Which turned out to be one of those instances where procrastination is awesome, because a group of nerdfighters banded together and ate more than 200 peeps on my behalf (link in the sidebar), so now I only have to eat like 102 peeps in a day. I haven't figured out the exact number yet, but it's somewhere like slightly above 100 but below fatal.

Thank you thank you thank you to the nerdfighters who ate peeps on my behalf. This Sunday I'm going to eat the remaining peeps and then I'm going to make a video about it and it will be funny and you'll laugh at my pain. I mean seriously Hank sometimes I think that if it weren't for schadenfreude there would be no freude at all.

Part Two: Prom! Hank, Katie W. writes, "I'm a senior in high school and a dedicated nerdfighter and there's this boy I'd really like to ask to prom. His name is Miles and you're one of his favorite authors."

Katie, I am here to help. Oh boy, I'm nervous. I haven't asked someone to prom since... I asked someone to prom. What if his mom answers? That's gonna be weird. How am I gonna explain myself? Oh boy, feeling the tension.

Miles: Hello?
John: Hi, is this Miles?
Miles: Yes.
John: Hi Miles. It's John Green calling. I'm the author of the novels Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, and Paper Towns.
Miles: Oh, yes. I'm familiar with you.
John: Ok, I just have a quick question for you - two quick questions for you. First, is there a young woman who's with you named Katie?
Miles: Yes, there is.
John: Will you go to prom with her?
Miles: Absolutely.
John: Yay!!! It all ended happily!
Miles: Thank you, John Green.
John: No, thank you. Thanks for being awesom,e and have a great time at prom, and please send us pictures.
Miles: I will.
John: Alright, take care.

Yay! That went much better than the last time I asked someone to prom.

Part Three, Photographs. Hank, Ningmaster Tom has done such a great job of finding awesome pictures on the Ning - I could have just called it Part Three: Pictures! Doofus! But anyway, Tom has done such a good job of finding pictures on the Ning that I wanted to share some of them with you. Hank I'm always encouraged when I see people in comments asking what DFBTA means because that means we're recruiting! By the way, nerdfighters, other than "Don't forget to be awesome" what could DFTBA mean? Leave your answers in the comments.

Secondly, cake! Hank, I don't know if that's real but it sure looks awesome. Third, I'd just like to point out over on the left of this work of art, me licking a cat. Then we have maybe the most amazing nerdfighter shoes I've ever seen in my life. Followed by maybe the most amazing nerdfighter shoes I've ever seen in my life. What is it with you people and shoes? You're brilliant with them. Hank, here's another awesome cake. My favorite thing about this cake is that where the actual cover of Looking for Alaska says "A Novel" this one says "A Cake."

And finally nerdfighter Tom from Cornwell titled this photograph "Do not tread on the green pressure pad or you will be shot with a laser and your head will come off!" Nerdfighters, if you want to see your amazingly nerdfightastic photographs featured at the Ning, upload your pictures to your profile (link in the sidebar...I mean, not a link to your particular profile in the sidebar, but sort of a link to the general nerdfighter Ning in the sidebar).

Part Four: Puppy! Am I just like an overly proud dog parent or is the way Willy sits kind of adorably cat-like?

Hank, we'll see you singing tomorrow. For now, Willy says, "Best wishes!"