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Hanks Gold Medal run of the first Hidden Blade Virtual Training Mission in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. TIP! Stab people.
Hello! This is Hank Green and this is my gold medal run of the first hidden blade kill all late people assassin without being detected thingy. Three, two, one and go. And, uh, the first guy is pretty easy. He doesn't seem to ever really notice you. Hehe, even if you run straight at him and stab in the heart or head! It doesn't really matter where you stab him.

This guy, likewise, very easy- drop down behind him. Um, I had a hard time with this- with this red bar for some reason. A lot of the times I did not go over it very speedily, but that time it worked really well! Uh, this person wants to be my friend and I'm stabbing that person! Stabbing in the heart and your carotid artery is now broken. 

I had the most trouble with this guy. See, originally I just jumped straight up and ran right at him and I was able to kill him before he noticed me. Uh, but that did not work after the first time, so now I'm spider Ezioing around till I kill him and now he's dead. And then I jump all the way down. And I don't know if this is a good idea, but it's really dramatic and beautiful, so I decided that I would do it that way.

Uh, then I jump up here. Uh, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo! And climb all the way back to the top even though I just jumped down to, uh, kill this guy real fast. Oh, did you notice me? No you didn't. No! Then from the top down again a couple of levels to kill this guy who thankfully did not notice me. And stabby, stabby, stabby.

And one more guy and we're at a minute twenty one, which means we're going to come in at the gold medal mark if I can make it across this thing- and I almost miss it, I almost miss it! But I grab onto it- oh my god, that was close! That would've been really annoying and I stab him! A minute thirty one. If I hadn't of, uh, screwed up that grab, I would've beaten my personal best. But I did screw up that grab, so I didn't. And, uh, that, that was this one and that's my gold medal run and I'll see you on the other side!