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Boise was amazing! And amazingly hot! Today we play in Salt Lake City and tomorrow is the Wyoming show!

tour info here:
Wyoming Rock Formation Show here:

The lowdown on Driftless Pony Club

DPC Videos:
Inspectors of Inspectors
Legends of Archery

Craig: It's time for Wheezy's tour vlog. We are on about three hours of sleep right now. There's Seattle. We're about to go to Boise--eight hour drive, you can tell we're really excited about it.
Sam: I'm eating some tossed salads and scrambled eggs.  
Craig: That's a reference to Frasier.  That's a show that happened in Seattle, a while ago.  

Craig: Washington's purty. 

Craig: I just drove for four hours or so, and now I'm going to eat some Wendy's and fall asleep in the van.  This might be one of the times when I actually can sleep in the van.  

Craig: We got moun-tains.  Moun-tains.  
Chyna: Those are some big ol' moun-tains.  
Craig: Those are some big ol' moun-tains.  

Hank: (reciting) --ed his work for their practice.  The young woman smiled...princess is so fond of, Bartholomew thought of the quill and ink I use to 
Craig: When is this going to get sexy?
Hank: I'll see to it that a lady gets these...
Craig: Okay, there you go.
Hank: ...she added with a hand on Bartholomew's arm, I'm sure she'll be eager to see the contents.

person: Hank Green will you sign my horse?
Hank: Yeah, that's my new weirdest...people ask me all the time, what's the weirdest thing you've ever signed, if I signed that, I would have an answer.
Craig: And then you gonna put that in the van?
Craig: And then it would be transportation tomorrow.
Hank: I mean, it's a pony, but is it driftless? Is it a member of a club?
Hank: Obscure weird band
Andrew: Is it the ponies or the club that is driftless?
Hank: Which part is driftless? What does the word 'driftless' even mean?
Craig: It is the Pony Club that is driftless.
Hank: It is not the ponies.
Andrew: And it is not a club of driftless ponies.
Craig + Hank: No, no.
Matt: Driftless is an area
Craig: It is a group of horse riders who, uh, stay in one area.
Hank: Driftless
Craig: The driftless area of Wisconsin
Hank: Ah
Craig: where the--
Hank: (? 2:12)
Craig: Yeah, where the glaciers did not go over
Hank: Oh
Craig: Yeah, it;s a real thing. One of my all-time favorite bands and big influence to Driftless Pony Club, they're from Boise and there is a signed poster here, they played here. It's awesome. Hank it's awesome.
Hank: I was picking my no-
Craig: AHAHA
Hank: You can't just turn a a camera around on a guy like that.
Craig: Alright I'll probably cut that out
Hank: No don't
Craig: Okay
Hank: It's funny
Craig: Okay
Hank: I just got a potato... Piggy bank. From Ida- From and Idahoan. Idahoan.

Craig: Here we are at The Crux in Boise, it is very awesome but also very hot, very, very warm

Sam: We feelin' hot, hot, hot, we feelin' hot, hot, hot.  I forget the rest of the--is that?  I don't know.

Wheezy: We're about to go on stage, Rob.

Rob: Yeah.  

Wheezy: You nervous?

Rob: No, it's actually--

Wheezy: What's going through your mind right now?

Rob: It's actually kind of nice, 'cause last show was two shows in a row, so this kind of feels like a breeze.  Like, 'oh, I just need to play the songs once.'

Wheezy: But there isn't much of a breeze, it's very-- 

Rob: No, there's no breeze, it's very hot in here, very hot, yeah, so--

Wheezy: I'm gonna be, I am gonna be--I was gonna take a dip in the pool after this, but I won't need to, I'll be completely soaked.

Rob: Yeah.  It's basically the same.  

Wheezy: A little smellier, a lot smellier, but really, let's be honest, anywhere I go, it's gonna be smelly.

Rob: Real smelly.  It smells real bad right now.

(Band plays, crowd cheers)

Wheezy: Boise wins for hottest show of the tour.  Sweatiest show of the tour.  And I'm standing outside and I'm eating the outside with my body.  In a video, I, I said that we could see who could jump higher at one of these shows, and he's the first person to take me up on it.  Abraham Lincoln guy, with light sabers.

Abraham Lincoln guy: Yeah!  It's my favorite shirt.

Wheezy:  Are those light sabers?  No...

Abraham Lincoln guy: North and South--

Wheezy: Ohh, that's awesome!  We're gonna see who can jump higher.  3...2...1...Jump!

Woman offscreen: Ohhh!  Yeah, do-over.

Wheezy: 3...2...1...jump!

Matt (? 4:33): Kicked his legs almost.

Wheezy: Yeah, I did.  3...2...1...jump!

Woman: Ohhh, that was close.  

Wheezy: Hey, I played a rock song already.

Ooh, and it's the end of the night, thank you, Boise, for an awesomely good time, even though it was really hot and sweaty and I apologize if any of you passed out like eight times.  But if it was seven, I'm not apologizing.  Grow up, right, you know, it's just seven times passing out in one night.  Not true.  Anyway.  That's all.  I'll see ya tomorrow bedtime I'm on four hours of sleep I need sleep nooooooowwww

(Unidentified voice): Be careful!