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NOTE: I'm still in LA, but I didn't get a chance to edit a video today, so instead, enjoy this tour of my bookshelf...which is a lot more than just books, it turns out.

Hello and welcome to vlog every day in April, and today we are doing a tour of my bookshelf. We're gonna start with the upper left hand corner, as if this itself were a book that we were reading.

The top here is mass market paper back Science Fiction. So, this over here is something I got from Dark Horse Comics. So, that's cool. There are just a couple of Nerdfighters who work at Dark Horse. Dark Force? Dark Horse? We've got Yoda there. There's a knitted Katherine. Some Ursula Le Guin, some Orson Scott Card, Neil Gaiman there, Kim Stanley Robinson, Hyperion Dan Simmons, and Hank Green President of Space Nerdfighteria, and then there's a couple knitted giraffes, that you may recognize from a GIF set, that I made out with once. Some Isaac Asimov and some Star Trek novels. And then here's my Star Wars novels. I need to speed this up.

Gladys here. A companion cube and Mace Windu. Over here, this is the Graphic Novel shelf. These are the Unwritten Books, Umbrella Academy, which I haven't finished. Sandman, John Green bobblehead, Serenity books, Dr. Horrible books, Watchman. There's some manga back here. Kodocha, Scott Pilgrim, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hell Boy. This is a Paper Craft of Toby Turner. That's pretty cool. There's an elephant here. Fez wearing, golden pants wearing unicorn that has a name that I forgot. There's my picture from Cotillion back there that I'm not going to show you too close up because it's just embarrassing. Those things.

There's an angler fish that a Nerdfighter made back here. Nerdfighter angler fish there. The Tardigrade  playing card that's got my face on it. That also I think was a Nerdfighter creation. This is my young adult shelf. We got Octavian Nothing, The Book Shelf  (Intended to be The Book Thief) Peeps. I love the Peeps books by Scott Westerfeld. Those are good. This is a great book Sunshine. Lev Grossman back there. Maureen Johnson all behind Spike. This is Spike from Cowboy Bebop. People always think that's the Doctor but it's Spike. Marzipan and The Cheat.

And, this was given to me by a Nerdfighter. It's just a pirate penguin. That's all. Ya know, just a pirate penguin. Whip It, Ship Breaker, Paolo Bacigalupi is amazing. More Maureen Johnson. Then, over here is more Sci Fi/Fantasy mass market paperbacks, cause they didn't fit up there. This is my CD collection there. There's some old Doctor Who comics back there from like when I was your age, man. Back on the, back there that thing that's signed in the back there, that is the script of Video Game High School signed by the writers and creators of Video Game High School.

More mass market paperback Science Fiction books: Dune, other Dune books, William Gibson books cause no space. These, Agatha Christie over here. I don't know why. Periodic Table cause I've been doing Crash Course, and so I gotta have a Periodic Table. These are educational series that I have watched. They're DVDs. Down here are my yearbooks and and other memorabilia: photo albums, things. This is the SOP manual from my old work, but it's not filled with SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). It is, in fact, filled with notes from high school.

We're going to stand back up. This is Katherine's side of the book shelf, and it is organized by color not by topic. This is Lando Calrissian Micky Mouse. Got that at Disney last year at VidCon. Strong Sad. Harry Potter Lego Man. These things on top are also color coded. We've got orange-y things, a few, three angler fish that are all orange, a brown squirrel that sits on top of the brown books. Some more Neil Gaiman there. So, like obviously Katherine and I read similar books. So, she's read some of these books, and I've read many of these books, and so we go back and forth. Katherine reads more books than I do. But she's read, she's probably read more of these books than I've read of these books. Also, Katherine's side of the bookshelf goes all the way down. Mine only really goes halfway down before you run into things that aren't books.

Here's the Evil Baby Orphanage game, which is just sitting there. That's good. That thing. Nerdfighter creation, Nerdfighter creation. This came from in a store in I think Portland? This is John Green ducky. The Hank Green ducky is over here. Hank Green ducky. Down, we got the green thing. There's a Chevy Volt down there, the original concept Chevy Volt, which I bought before the car came out cause I was so into it. This is the John Green, Fault in Our Stars, audiobook special edition that we did. I don't know why that's not in the case. Darth Maul down there with Qui-Gon Jinn locked in eternal battle, very slow eternal battle.

Then up on top here we have all the, it's just lots of stuffed animals. These, oh we also have Padmé and that guy whose name I don't remember, and an Ewok. And this, I found this on the street, this alligator. He was just in a gutter somewhere and I picked him up, Most of these things were given to me, some by friends, some by Nerdfighters. This is the television that has me, and John, and Mark Twain eating corn dogs cause why not?

That's pretty much my bookshelf. I think that I showed you all of it. This chihuahua was given to me, and if you strap it to things, and push a button it will hump you. This hat was the hat I wore in high school. It's terrible knitted stripey hat. It's really embarrassing. I also found that in a gutter. So, there's a trend here. So, that's my bookshelf. Thanks, I'm glad you wanted a tour. I'm happy to give it to you. Goodbye.