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What fan created Harry Potter content is your favorite? We want to hear from YOU! Respond with a video or in comments so we can get ready for the end of an era together and win some MyLeaky points at the same time!

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Voiceover by Jordan Edwards:
Hank Green: Hello, this is Hank Green, you may know me from such songs as Accio Deathly Hallows, Book 8, and This is Not Harry Potter.  Leaky asked me, as a creator of popular Harry Potter fan-based content to talk about what my favorite Harry Potter fan-content is.

First thing that came to my mind was Neal Ciciligergeriga's Potter's Puppet Pals, because I think it may be the most popular fan-content of all time, and I don't mean the most popular Harry Potter fan-content, I mean the most popular fan-content of all times, with 100,000,000 views on YouTube.  That is a little bit insane.  I don't know why I love it, and I don't know why it is one of the most popular YouTube videos of all time, but I know that I do love it.  

Harry and the Potters can't be left out of this.  The Weapon, uh, singing The Weapon at the end of LeakyCon 2009, uh, with a group of amazing people, huge group of all amazing people, uhm, one of the best experiences of my life.  

Which is not to leave out the rest of wizard rock, full of amazing musicians, amazing songwriters, amazing people.  I'm very lucky to have managed to weasel my way into that community.  

Can't forget about A Very Potter Musical, amazing, and a lot of the artwork I've seen, there's been some pictures of Snape and Lily that have made me cry a good bit.  And the hilarious things, I love it when hilarious things come up, like My Little Ponies dressed like Harry Potter characters, and uh, and I like uh, a good Harry Potter tattoo as much as the next guy.  

But hands down, the coolest thing that the Harry Potter fan community has created is the Harry Potter fan community.  Most books, even all books, except for Harry Potter, just don't have that, and it wasn't like that's something special about Harry Potter, it's something special about this community.  Of course, it's all rooted inside of the books, it's rooted not just in, in like the common experience of reading the books, but also the virtues and the values of the books.  Jo wrote the books, she did not build this community.  We built this community, and it is one of the strongest and most special communities that I know of, and I'm very lucky to be a part of it.  

Everyone, I will see you at LeakyCon.  If you didn't know that I was coming to LeakyCon, I should say this as if it's an announcement.  Uh, and I am pleased to announce that I will be at LeakyCon 2011, uh, freaking out, because it's just before VidCon, so I will be worrying about that.  But, I will be having a great time, despite my freaking out.  Okay.  DFTBA.

Jordan Edwards: So let's hear it.  What fan created Harry Potter content is your favorite?  Before you share your fandom memory, make sure you know the rules.  You can leave submissions and comments for one week starting today.  Video responses should not be more than 30 seconds long, and put your email in the description so we can contact you if your video is chosen.  Did somebody say MyLeaky points?  We'll give you 15 MyLeaky points for a text comment, and 75 for a video response.  If we select your comment, you get 25 points, and if we select your video, you get 100.  Remember to tell us your MyLeaky username in your comment or video, so we know where the points should go.  

Now, we're no Percy, but we do have to run through some official guidelines.  You do not have to be registered for LeakyCon to participate.  Video and comment selection is completely at the discretion of LeakyCon staff.  Remember that kids may be watching, so absolutely no inappropriate material.  By submitting a video or comment, you are consenting to have all or part of your footage used in the official LeakyCon YouTube channel, as well as any other LeakyCon promotional material.  Still have questions?  E-mail them to  See you all in Orlando for LeakyCon2011!

If you'd like, check out one of our other fandom memories questions asked by Andrew Sims of MuggleCast by clicking the link on the screen or in the description.  You can submit video responses to as many questions as you want.  We love hearing all your individual stories, so keep 'em coming.