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Just a little video of me getting everyone's names wrong at VidCon.

Screaming Fans at VidCon 2014!

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FAULTY STARS book cover Photoshopped by Sullivan Sellers

Beat supplied by Bryan Arata

Thanks for Subscribing! I love doing positive pranks! :)


Here are the people in this video and their actual channels:

Andre aka Black Nerd

Tom Mabe

Steve Zaragoza

Tay Zonday

Prank vs Prank

Michael Buckley

Tom Merritt

Hank Green

Harley Morenstein

John Green

Jack Vale

Craig Benzine

Sorted Food

Zach Anner

Joe Penna

Mike Diva

Steve Greene

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

Andrew Hales

Jack Douglass

Phil DeFranco

Jenna Ezariak

Justine Ezariak

Mark Malkoff

Greg Benson: You know this guy, it's Black Man. Good to see you Black Man.

Andre Meadows: Black... Black Nerd.

Greg: Black Man.

Andre: Black Nerd Comedy. Black Nerd...

Greg: Black Man Comedy. He's Good.

(Trolling YouTubers at VidCon 2014)

Greg: Here with my good friend Tom Maybe. What's up Tom?

Tom Mabe: Hey, It's Mabe. Hey, how are you guys doing?

Greg: Great, great to see you. Tom Maybe.

Greg: Steve Sarasota's here.

Steve Zaragoza: What's up man. Zaragoza.

Greg: Steve Sarasota. Named after...

Steve: Zaragoza.

Greg: A town in California.

Steve: It's actually a city in Spain.

Greg: Here with Mr Chocolate Brain, Tay Bombay.

Tay Zonday: Tay, Tay Zonday.

Greg: What's up Tay Bombay?

Tay: Tay, Tay Zonday.

Greg: (Singing) Chocolate Brain.

Tay: Tay...

Greg: Alright, Bank versus Bank.

Jesse Wellens: Cha-ching.

Greg: You guys...

Greg: Alright, here with Bobby Buckley. Bobby!

Michael Buckley: It's Michael Buckley.

Greg: Bobby Buckley!

Greg: Tom Skerritt. Tom.

Tom Merritt: You know, it's Merritt.

Greg: Tom Skerritt. I loved you in Alien.

Greg: Hanging with Ham Green.

Hank Green: It's, um, it's Hank Green, Greg.

Greg: Ham Green.

Hank: Hank.

Greg: Ham.

Hank: Hank.

Greg: Ham.

Greg: We've got Hiney from Big Meal Thyme right there. Alright Hiney!

Harley Morenstein: Harley.

Greg: Hiney.

Harley: Himey?

Greg: Huh?

Harley: You say Himey?

Greg: No.

Greg: Check out this guys channel, John Game. Check it out. It's good stuff.

John Green: It's not John Game.

Greg: John Game.

John: It's not John Game.

Greg: He wrote a, wrote a book called 'Faulty Stars'.

John: It's not called 'Faulty Stars'.

Greg: Yeah, they're gonna make it into a TV series pretty soon.

John: They already made it into a movie.

Greg: Check it out on TV. It's gonna be on Fox.

John: It's not on Fox.

Greg: Once again, Jack Vance. You know this guy.

Jack Vale: I'm sorry, I'm late for an inter... Vale.

Greg: Look who it is, it's Greg Benson.

Craig Benzine: I'm Craig Benzine.

Greg: Greg Benson.

Craig: You're Greg Benson. I'm Craig Benzine.

Greg: You're splitting hairs.

Greg: Woah, it's the guys from Sort Of Food. Those guys...

All: Sorted.

Greg: Those guys are awesome. Sort Of Food, check it out.

Greg: Woah, it's Zach Anderson. Here with Zach...

Zach Anner: Hi, it's Zachy Anner.

Greg: Zach Anderson's right here, look at him.

Zach: Zachy... Zachy Anner.

Greg: Man, I love this guy. If you don't know, just subscribe: He's awesome.

Zach: It's George Benson.

Greg: (Laughs)

Greg: Check it out, Joe Penis. Big fan.

Joe Penna: No, no, no.

Greg: Big fan of Joe Pe...

Joe: Joe Penna. Penna.

Greg: Joe Pe... huh?

Joe: Penna.

Greg: Oh, I'm sorry. You're not the guy I thought you were.

Greg: You know this dude, Mike Bieber.

Mike Diva: Mike Diva.

Greg: Bieber fever.

Mike: Mike Diva.

Greg: You know this guy, Hank Green.

Steve Greene: That's me. Hank, man.

Greg: Hank Green's right here.

Steve: I run this thing, this is my idea.

Greg: Yeah. Good to see you Hank.

Greg: There he is, Mataly. Right on Mataly, good to see you brother. Good to see you man. How you been?

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy: Mickey Mouse, what's up?

Greg: Check it out. It's Adam from LADWP. I'm a big fan, man. Big fan, Adam.

Andrew Hales: (Laughs) It's Andrew.

Greg: Andrew from LADWP.

Andrew: LAHWF.

Greg: You, man. Thanks for supplying all that power to my house.

Andrew: Yeah man.

Greg: Jimmy Douglasss. Jim's Films.

Jack Douglass: Jack Douglass. Jack's Films.

Greg: Why d'you call it Jim's Films if it's...

Jack: No, 'cause I don't. I don't actually.

Greg: Jimmy Douglasss.

Greg: There he is, Paul DeBarrio. Good to see you Paul. Man.

Phil DeFranco: No, it's Shay Carl.

Greg: Check him... Oh right.

Greg: It's Jim and Justin, my favorites. These guys are great. Justin.

Justine Ezarik: Justine.

Greg: Oh, they misspelled Justin.

Justine: E.

Greg: Jim, did you see how they misspelled Justin?

Jenna Ezarik: Yeah, I mean, I'm Jenna.

Greg: OK, alright.

Greg: Hanging out with my buddy Milk Malkoff. There he is.

Mark Malkoff: OK. It's actually Mark Malkoff, Greg Benson. I'm in your hotel room. You should no my name, you invited me to hang out while you packed.

Greg: Right.

(End slate)

Greg: Check it out,

Harley: Super Dinner Hour. Watch it every Wednesday.