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Dutton worked with an artist to build a ten foot tall robot in the Javits Center for BookCon and if you can go tomorrow (Sunday) at noon, you might get some swag! Wish I could be there!
Hello! BookCon is happening right now and if I haven't told you, I wrote a book. I feel like I've probably told you by now.

Here is a - a - uncorrected proof of that book. It's really pretty, and I'm very excited that I can hold it, even though it has a lot of... wrong words. I fixed them in the most recent draft, but that's not what I'm here to talk about, I'm here to tell you about the fact that BookCon is happening right now. And my publisher created a giant robot sculpture - well, my publisher didn't create it, an artist created it, but my publisher paid for it, so thanks - to everybody involved, and it is TEN FEET TALL and you can take a picture with it, and use #AnAbsolutelyRemarkableThing and put it on Twitter, that would be great.

Some other people have already done that, here's pictures of them. Thank you to those people for taking photos, especially the people who happen to be wearing Pizza John shirts. My friend Lindsey Ellis, who is also a YouTuber, was there and also took a picture, and right now we've got this stand up cardboard thing that John and I had when we were on tour for Turtles All The Way Down. They found that in storage, I guess, and put it up next to the- so you can get a picture with me, you can get a picture with Carl, both, whatever.

So, thanks to my publisher, thanks to everybody who's there, I hope that you have a really great BookCon, and PLEASE, send me photos of your thing- and PLEASE, send me photos of you with Carl, 'cause I can't be there to see it, I'm sad about it.

This would've been the year for me to go to BookCon, but... babies. I'm actually very glad that I was home because Orin got very sick this week, ah, he's doing better now, but still a little bit pathetic, and I'm gonna go inside and take care of him right now. Okay bye!