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It occurs to me that this seems I set the whole thing up from the beginning to create Hankschannel content, and you can believe that conspiracy theory if you want, but that's not the situation.

Why did I put the donut in a Subway cup? This is going to sound weird but I did that so that I wouldn't have to take out all of my office trash. if I just threw the donut in there it would have gotten nasty fast, so I put it in the subway cup so that I would be able to just take the subway cup into the main garbage in the house instead of having to throw away all my office garbage do you get it?

If you have thoughts re: how this happened, please let me know, I remain perplexed.
Oh man! I don't know how to expl- so. Let's just roll from the end of my Vlogbrothers video where I had eaten part of a rusty hammer donut. Let's go there and just watch the whole process of what happened after I talked about the rusty hammer donut.

Am I gonna eat the whole donut? No, I'm not. I'm a 38 year old man. I'm not gonna eat a rusty hammer donut, okay? Bye. I'm gonna put it in this subway cup and then I'm gonna put that in the garbage. I did waste something. I didn't waste a Google home router, but I did waste a donut.

Okay, so I did that, and then I put that, as well as like a busted up router, into a garbage bag and I put that garbage bag into the garbage at my alley to be picked up by the.. this is.. why do I need to explain this? This is how garbage works in most places.

And then, I was on my way to work, driving down my alley, and there's a Subway cup in the middle of the alley. Let's, let's take it there.

It's just sitting in my alley. It's the Subway cup with the donut in it. It's just sit- like, I threw it away in my trash, now it's sitting in my alley, like this. Like just sitting in the middle of the alley. Why? How.. Who knew that there was a donut in there? And took it out and had some of it, but not all of it!

So, I have a couple of difficulties with this. This happened before my video came out, so it wasn't like somebody sneakily finding my garbage, thank the lord! So part of me is like yes, there are people that are (?~1:36)freegans, people who choose to eat out of the garbage. I, like I have nothing against that lifestyle. There are people who are required by necessity sometimes, even, to eat out of the garbage. What I'm confused by is that it appeared that someone went into my gar - someone or something, could've been a raccoon is maybe my, even my biggest guess - went into my garbage, opened the bag, found immediately, in the Subway cup, which is not where you would look for food, went direct- like, I feel - I feel like this must have been an animal cos how would a human being guess to check inside of the Subway cup? Did you - and there was nothing else disturbed. It was opened, the Subway cup was removed, and then, uh, and then - it must have been a raccoon 'cause it - well I think it was a little bit jammed down in the bottom, like the raccoon was trying to get it out but kept pushing it deeper, so it just ate half of it.

But it's amazing to me that the raccoon was like so careful with this whole process that they removed - or whatever it w- guess it could've been a human, I don't know. They carefully removed the cup, removed the lid from the cup, and then put the cup down on the alley floor at like, not like discarded, just like down as if you were gonna come back for it later, and then ate as much of the donut as it or they wanted. I mean, I just, I can not share this experience. And I also wanted to prove to a lot of people who thought that I ate the whole rusty hammer donut that I did not. I only had the one bite and then something else ate about half of it, and then left it in a Subway cup in my alley.