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I'm angry today.

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To give a quick summary of the situation regarding demonitization on YouTube,

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there are advertisers in the world who don't want to advertise on anything that might be the least bit controversial

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and so YouTube created a thinky machine that decides for advertisers

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like, what is the box of stuff that has nothing controversial in it?

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So basically no discussion of anything that might by anyone in the world be considered controversial.

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That includes, like, news in some extent. In fact when I upload videos now

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I'm inside of a beta that lets me rank for myself whether the video contains

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something that advertisers might be concerned about and tell them exactly what that is.

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Usually on vlogbrothers it's nothing,

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but if it was this video, I'd have to say that it has something to do with current events

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and some, some advertisers might not want to be involved with current events.

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They just want you to feel happy while you're getting the brand message.

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Just have a feeling of joy, while you also see this logo,

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and then you'll buy it the next time you're at the store.

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Seriously, they've done research.

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I... understand this, I guess,

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because YouTube is just trying to make it work, and advertisers are used to the old way

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where to be clear, this was the only way it ever worked.

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You knew what you were buying when you were a buyer

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of advertising back in the day, because you were buying SpongeBob SquarePants

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or Anderson 63... scooper (laughs)

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That was not on purpose.

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Or you were buying Roseanne,

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or you were buying Modern Family.

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You knew what you were buying and now, on YouTube,

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You don't know what you were buying.

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And for a long time, we got away with people not knowing what they were buying

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until some people were like, "Hey, I saw a Coke ad

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on this terrorist recruitment video. Maybe there's a problem."

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And some people say

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