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In which Hank finally kills that chubby bastard. He visits the infinite grid of pink and blue fail quite a few times first, though.
Last time on Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0, I was attempting to kill someone, uh, I was attempting to kill someone. *killing guard in a hay bale* Hey, how's it going? Not that guy, though he works too. Nothing happened, don't worry, nothing happened. I was attempting to kill the Banker, who is walking around right now. And to do it - HEY I'm blending right now, thanks! 

I'm at a party with lots of naked people and I have to kill the banker. That's the long and short of it and I have to sit on this bench really fast. Okay, I did it. What are you talking about? Man I suck at sitting on benches. I've never been so bad at sitting on a bench.

Oh geez, no I'm not here, you can't see me. Oh, man you're going to come right over here? Ugh, desynchronized. Okay, so it is time to kill the banker. I have to do it preferable from a bench, but definitely without being detected, and there's guards everywhere and I'm very notorious, because I am dressed like a freaking assassin with a war hammer hanging off my belt. So it is very difficult for me to enjoy a nice party with lots of naked people. 

(1:27) Oh geez, wow, so this guy is easy enough. All the people turned and they were like, 'whaat just happened?' And I'm like, nothing happened, of course. This guy should turn around. Turn around! Turn around, guard man. Turning around? You're not going to turn around.

Because that's going to make it hard to get onto this bench. Can I kill you? Woah, uh-oh. That was not good. Aw man, how do I kill you? That's how I kill you, but how do I kill the banker- from a bench? 

People are wearing funny clothes. Is he going to walk by this bench? You guys are wearing normal clothes. I'm going to hang out with you, normal people. I love normal people. Alright, kill the banker without being detected. This is boring, okay find me... can I use that bench? There is a dead guy on it, unfortunately, so it is hard to use that particular bench. Aw geez, aw geez, aw geez, why are you standing there? That's where I sit! That's were I sit! That's how I go undetected! Okay, that was close. Uh, why did you guys stand up? Bench. Need a bench.

Can I pick this guy up? To make a seat? Aw geez, aw geez! Okay, from a bench how to I get onto that bench, or a bench, any bench? Aw, infinite grid. Infinite grid. (3:47

Okay, banker your name is dead. Is that a phrase? Okay, I assume that that is how are supposed to take care of that guy. What is that girl doing to the banker? She's like, 'I'm too drunk I'm falling over.' Did you just kill her? That's very strange. That doesn't count as detection. Why did you kill her? Oh, this bench is much safer.

And you're gonna come back, right? You're gonna come back? Banker man where ya goin? Oh darn it. Why did he kill that girl? That's depressing.

(4:48) Alright, come back banker!

What should I talk about that's interesting? I like video games and other games also. I like, uh, for example I like uh cranium, there's this game Dark Tower that Katherine and I like. And there's the banker, here he comes- Oh, why did you stop?! You were so close to me. Okay, oh my God I can't believe this- No, I was on a bench! I can't believe that. Okay, can I kill him before he kills the girl is the question, because that is what I would feel better about. I would like to kill him before he kills the girl.

*sings* Infinite grid of fail, infinite grid (ends) I can't believe I haven't killed the freaking banker yet.

Ugh, okay, okay, I'm fine (5:39). I'm fine. Assassinate you! Death! Too late, she's dead. Wow you didn't notice what I just did there? Okay, okay I also can't be detected by the banker himself. That is a good thing to know. So if I'm going to kill somebody, I should probably start with the banker, not his guard.

*sighs* I've been watching a lot of Star Trek the Next Generation lately. I got the full 7 seasons for my birthday last year, and we've been, slugging through it. Um, we are on the end of the third season now, so getting close to half way through.

That was not ideal. *sarcastically* I don't know, that guy just fell over. Don't know why. Can I shoot you? Ugh, I SUCK! Impatient, I need to stop being so impatient. Okay. This time is the time when I kill the banker. For sure this time. *singing* Infinite grid of pink and blue fail, pink and blue fail is the name of my grid. *ends* 

(7:20) Anybody who has played this mission before I'm sure knows how badly I'm doing it. For example, this seems like a good plan actually.

What? I pushed the stabby bu- Oh, I killed two random people! Two naked citizens of Rome. *sarcastically* That's who I want to kill, obviously, when I jumped down next to the guy with the pole axe and the evil chubby dude- I wanna kill the pretty people with the masks on, clearly! Thank you! Excellent! 

Okay, this is gonna happen. This is the time. You die now, in that particular way. I climb this. Nope. I don't want- nope, they wouldn't let me kill the banker.

Hey, what are you guys doing back here? Sorry to interrupt- ma bad. 

Okay, this is the one he definitely goes by, so now is the time for banker death! If I screw it up now- wow, wow, that is creepy right there, this, this love-making right here, with your f*cking- aw that's gross- sorry about the cursing. You know, how it is. 

*banker walks up* And, assassinate. That is all I ask for! Chubby death! Big dude- what no, he's not laying down, he's on a bench, clearly. Oh now we're talking. I guess I stabbed you in the chub, so we can talk about it.

I don't know what that means. Yeah, everybody thinks so! Pleasure unearned consumes. Pleasure unearned consumes! That's beautiful. That's beautiful, Ezio! I love it, I'm gonna use that all the time, uh, when I stab people. 

There's no need for alarm. When you say escape the- whoa! That, my friends, is how it's done. If you're curious.

And that will complete this episode of Hank Green plays Assassins Creed Brotherhood 2.0- what are you doing here? What is everybody doing here? Oh, geez. Okay, okay. I don't need- I don't need trouble, but you will die, since you, uh, followed me. I decided I would kill you. Okay, I have money in the vault which is good. There's a Borgia tower here that I might get, and I think, overall, things are going pretty good. Yes, yes- I will. *unlocks the blacksmith* 

So that ends this episode of Hank Green plays Assassins Creed Brotherhood 2.0, thank you all so very much for being with me as I finally killed that chubby bastard. I'm gonna fix some stuff up. And, uh, so it's been a pleasure and next time you will not see me and I will not see you, but you will hear me, next time on Hank Green plays Assassins Creed Brotherhood 2.0. Goodbye.