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Five Nights At Freddy's: Today Hank Green plays Night 5 in Five Nights At Freddy's! An epic moment lurks in this one.
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[Hank laughs]

Alright, we're back for the final — well, probably not — the final night of Five Nights at Freddie's, but probably not the last episode of Five Nights and Freddie's.

Question for you: before you watch the video, do you think I'm going to get it in the first try? I want you — I want to know if you believe in me or not. Either's fine.

As far as I know, last evening, we lost our friend to death — oh, no, he's calling me again. I thought he died.

What? Are you serious? They're both already out?

Ohhh ...

Okay. Heh heh heh heh heh.

Hi, Freddie. You sing me songs — medals of — ah, you're fast! You're a fast one, bunny. You got here real fast this night. You're still there, but I can open this. Oh no, you're gone now.

Gotta keep an eye on The Cove. Okay. Okay, everything's fine. Cove. Freddie's gone! Freddie's gone. Ducky's in the dining room.

[singing] Ducky's in the dining room. Freddie's gone. Jeffica is coming out of the curtain!

[speaking] Na heh heh heh. Don't do it. This cupcake is terrifying. I don't like the cupcake. Where's Freddie?

Okay, let's keep an eye on Jeffica. Where did Freddie go? Why is he so — just lurking in the shadows? Not a fan. Um — my supervisor — I don't know, is he just here in the daytime 'cause — I don't know. Like, I would think that he'd stay at home. That's what I'd do. Do they come get him at his house?

OH NO, Jeffica! I should have been watching more carefully.

Uh huh huh huh huh. Oh, shoot. This is bad. This is bad. Stay.

[singing] Oh oh oh oh oh, your terrifying head. Your head is terrifying. Your terrifying head.

[speaking] Well, Bunny always comes to the left door, and Ducky always comes to the right door. So, that's a thing. Does Jeffica always come to the left door and does that mean that Freddie will always go to the right door? I don't know.

Oh, God. Oh, Jeffica. Oh, Jeffica, Jeffica's still — oh, man, I left Jeffica for a long time there and he did not move, which is good.

[high-pitch] The creepy laughing! Stop with it!

[normal] Okay.

[Freddy jumps out]

OH, FREDDIE! Freddie!

[Hank and others laugh]


[slo-mo] OH, FREDDIE!

Okay, we've learned something about Freddie, which is that he comes with no warning!

Well, okay, I need to keep Freddie at bay. That's what I — that's what I've learned.

Okay. Just get a rhythm going. Well, we've already lost Ducky. But Ducky's not a problem. I can handle Ducky. The problem is Freddie, who comes out of nowhere and, like, literally tries, like, not just to hurt me in the game, but in real life.

Okay, we've lost Bunny and Ducky, but Freddie's still there. And that's what's important.

Stay, Freddie, stay. Stay with me. Oh, God.

[Hank laughs]

Really — AH, HE'S MOVING! I'm really looking forward to watching the vid — the footage of that, 'cause I do not know really how I managed to fall over. Heh!

Okay. All right, Freddie. Stay where you are. 'Cause you're bad.

I'm so not scared of Bunny and Ducky anymore. It's Jeffica and Freddie — are my — my nemeses. Stay, you guys just stay. 'Cause I can catch them. It's no big deal. Like, I don't have to know where they are. I have to know where Bunny and F— er, Jeffica and Freddie are. That's all I need to know.

[Hank giggles and snorts]

Still a little freaking out. I need a more stable chair apparently. I'm surprised that a chair in a room didn't do that to me, and that Freddie managed to it. That wasn't scary at all. See? That guy doesn't scare me at all. That's fine.

It's — it's Freddie who scares me, 'cause he has NO WARNING.

Okay. Feeling good. Feeling good. 67% at 1 AM Not good. 2 AM. Okay, it was the end of 1 AM. That's a good sign.

Huhhhhhhh — but I have used a lot more power tonight that I have used previous nights trying to keep an eye on Jeffica and Freddie. Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man.

Hello? No? Ducky? Where you at, Ducky? I haven't seen you yet. Sometimes you just mess around, though, right, Ducky?

OH, Jeffica! Jeffica's got her head out. Gotta keep an eye on that problem.

55% at 2 AM. That's not good. All right.

Oh, Freddie, stop moving around.

Wow, Freddie moves a lot. He's just sort of, like, jiggling around in his little area.

Huhhhhhhuhhuhhuh ...

50% at 3 AM. That's about halfway through, and I'm about halfway through my power, so as long as Freddie doesn't get loose and I don't have to keep track of him, we should be good. Still here.

[high-pitched] Hehehehehehehehehe ... 


Huh! No! NO! Unacceptable! Where Freddie? Where did he go?

Heh heh heh heh oh no! Where are you, Freddie? Oh, God!

Hehhhh heh ...

Oh, God, I have to keep an eye of Jeffica, too. Don't forget about Jeffica. Freddie? Why did you run away? Why? Where are you? Freddie. Wait, is that — is that your eyes over there in the corner? I don't know. How do you know?

Okay, hi, Bunny. How's it going? You're not scary. I've met you a thousand times before. It' there's, oh where Bunny's went away now...OK. He moves fast, Bunny, you move very fast.

Oh god, oh god...cameras are out, need to check on Jeffica. Oh god Jeffica's moving! On the move.

4am you guys, 4am. When it hits 5...

I'm gonna try and just...close the right door, and hope that that means...

Oh god it's getting really tense because, like, maybe i'm going to survive, maybe, I don't know how Freddie got me so early last time.

Why is it still 4am, wow it is so know that I might not make it, after all this time and work.

And I don't know where Freddie is, no freaking idea. No, off, off...19%...Jefficas at bay.

Jeffica..oh! Ok...that's not good, that's not good, that's not good at all.

It's 5am I have 15%, it's 5am I have 13%. I kinda want to keep this door closed because that's the one I think Freddie came through. Oh god Jeffica's out!

Yes, good, success...5am 5%, 5am 5%! Turn off the light, turn off the light! Ok, success.

Ok 3%, 3%! 5am 3%! 5am 3%! Uhhh...5am 1%!

5am 1%! 5am 0%! No...ok, ok the powers off, but does that mean I lose? Or did I...? Give me a little more time, A LITTLE MORE TIME!

Come on...I don't know, I don't know what happens now. It's not counting down anymore, I don't have a little thing. Wait, what's that noise, is that a bad noise or a good noise?

Hi Freddie how's it going!


Yeah! $120! That's not worth it...

Well, aren't me proud of me? Success, I'm in my chair, I'm relatively unscathed, and it only took me two tries to beat the 5th night at Freddie's. Phewf.

Well, thanks for watching Five Night's at Freddie's with Hank. I'm Hank, that's me, this is Games with Hank, that was a game with me.

[nods in a confused manner]

Thanks for watching and DFTBA!