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This is a video of all of the meals (except for two I missed) that I ate while I was in the UK and Ireland. I was pleasantly surprised by how good all of the food was, actually.
Hank: Meal number one in the United Kingdom and we are very tired.

Second meal, what was that? What did we just eat? I had a sandwich.

Katherine: I had some nachos and that was weird. 

H: That's pretty nice, right? Yeah.

Meal number three! With Agatha!

Meal number four: Ramen in Bone Daddies. Everything should be in this broth.

Meal number five. Pre-food Walker's Crinkles here at the Swindon Town STEAM museum. Also, there's these homemade brownies and a choice of sandwiches. What will I choose? There's John, hard at work on his video.

Meal six in London. We're having dinner with Alex Day!

Alex: Hi!

H: What are you eating?

A: Kangaroo.

H: He's eating Kangaroo. We're at a weird place.

A: In the comments, you can guess which one of us picked the restaurant.

H: Meal number seven! Sandwiches from Harrods, delivered by Maureen Johnson at the backstage of Cadogan Hall.

Meal eight: Room service at midnight in the hotel room. There it is. There's Katherine.

K: Super Bowl!

H: There's the Super Bowl! The Super Bowl in the UK is super weird because they don't have commercials and so instead of commercials, they just have people talking all the time and frankly, I kind of rather the commercials.

Also, I forgot to mention milk chocolate Tunnock's Teacakes that somebody gave us.

Meal nine in London at Caffè Nero with Sam, a developer for DFTBA Records and other things.

Meal number- I have no idea what number meal this is now. Pret with Katherine, muuahahaha.

Meal number eleven. Indian, Dishoom. What are we eating Katherine?

K: What?
H: What are we eating?
K: Indian food.
H: What- Like, what kind?
K: Paneer in there. Biryani, Dahl, this is our chicken. Hahaha.

H: Meal twelve in Ireland. Full Irish breakfast after three hours of sleep, so that's a great idea. 
K: What are we eating?

H: It's meal twelve in Bewley's at the James Joyce balcony in Dublin, Ireland and I'm having fish and chips which is the right call.
K: I'm having this.

H: Meal number fourteen at the Lemon crepe and coffee company and it's delicious.

Meal fifteen backstage before our Ireland, Dublin show. We've got sandwich-y things. Apparently, whenever you get chips in Dublin, they're sour cream and onion. Every time. They don't look like they're flavored though. That's the surprising thing. They just look normal. In America, sour cream and onion would have little green flakes so that you know it's sour cream and onion. Little green flakes made of, I'm sure, not onion.

Meal number, wow! Nice burp, sir!

John: Oh, sorry.
H: Eighteen or seventeen or sixteen. I don't even know anymore. But we're having, as usual, the same exact half-sandwich-y things with chips and cookies that we have at every backstage.

What's this? It's meal I don't even have any idea anymore. And it's very similar to many of my previous meals, one of these triangles. We're backstage in Glasgow at the concert hall.
K: Woo!

H: Meal as we exit Scotland with Scotland out the window.
Liam: Look, there's a cow.
H: Look, there's a cow.
K: It's a cow truck.
H: With Liam!
L: You find things that look like cows but no cows.
K: Things that are cows don't look like cows. 
H: And the sheep just look like sheep.
L: Yeah, per universal standard.

J: Train dance party!
H: Just got off the train from Glasgow, we're tired. Little motion sick. This is helping, yeah.
K: Definitely better, Pret fixes everything.

H: Pizza from Paul. This is called Paul, not Paul's, just Paul. And I also had a baguette with ham and cheese with Charlie and Bryarly.

Potentially our last meal in England here. A full English breakfast in bed. This is decadent. Katherine got that beautiful Egg's Benedict and we have loved it so much. Maybe we'll have one more snack at the airport. I'll see you then.

Actual last meal in England: Wagamama. I'm glad we actually got to go here because everyone kept telling us it was really good. And that's my food video!