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[John] Mr. President, my wife Sarah, who's actually here, and I are expecting our second child. We have a... [Obama] Hi, Sarah! [Sarah] Hello! [Obama] Do you already have a bump? [Sarah] Yes, I do. [Obama] Okay, stand up, let's see it a little bit. Nice! Alright, okay... good. [John] We are expecting our second child; we have a boy name picked out, but Sarah had a question for you: [Sarah] Yes, hello, Mr. President. We are wondering whether you prefer the name Eleanor or Alice. [Obama] Eleanor or Alex? [Greens] Alice! [Obama] Alice. [John] A-L-I-C-E. [Obama] You know... I'm going to leave this up to you guys, because... [Greens] Oh! [Obama]'s the reason. If I gave you a preference, and you guys went the other way... forever, this child would say, "The President doesn't like my name!" Which could traumatize them. [laughter] But the main thing is, tell either Eleanor or Alice not to forget to be awesome. [Sarah] Oh! [John] Thank you, sir. [Obama] There you go. [Moderator] Thank you, Mr. President, we really appreciate you joining us here on Google+; we'd love to see you here for another Fireside Hangout real soon. Thanks a lot. [Obama] I had a great time, guys! Thanks, everybody! [All] Goodbye, thank you! [Moderator] All right.