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Has anybody else ever wondered how colossally screwed up Drew Barrymore's kids would have been in the movie 50 First Dates? I dunno if you've seen that movie. It's Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore and, and Adam Sandler falls in love with this girl who forgets everything every night. She goes to sleep and she wakes up and she forgets everything that has happened to her ever since an injury that she had at a certain point in the past and it's bad, obviously. But then Adam Sandler falls in love with her and then he has to make her fall in love with him every day for the rest of their lives together. And they get married and have kids and live on a yacht and study sea lions or something. But think about, I mean first what happens when you wake up and you're suddenly nine months pregnant. Like there's no amount of explaining that's gonna make that okay. I don't care how nicely edited the video you show her in the morning is. You gotta a big thing and you didn't the day before, you're gonna be screaming and et cetera, and it's like Space Alien time. But also think about those kids. You're mom doesn't know who you are! Nev-she doe-this is every day your mom is a stranger. She has no idea who you are, like what kind of person you are. That's just, that's not gonna be a fun way to grow up. I feel bad for those kids. I dunno. Probably just me. Bye.