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John: Hello!

Sarah: Hello! Sorry.

John: We forgot that Youtube...

Sarah: John got a call.

John: ...breaks if I get a phone call, and I got a phone call. I'm sorry. We're just gonna answer a few more of your questions and then we're gonna go again...

Sarah: We're going to return to family visit.

John: Actually, I'm going to sign posters for a while, and then we're gonna return to family visit. But, yeah, sorry about that.

Sarah: Any Vlogbrothers regrets?

John: Oh yeah, sure. We've made a bunch of mistakes over the years.

Sarah: When you make a video a week, you have regrets. What?

John: Oh. I have so many regrets; too many to list. I'm not one of these people who thinks, like, "Oh I never have regrets because everything had to do it all to get where you were." I don't really believe that. I wish that we'd...yeah. I don't know. There's a lot of things that I wish. But I'm glad. I'll tell you what. I feel like the community has always held us accountable, and I'm very grateful for that.

Sarah: Yeah.

John: That's a huge thing, so. Do you show your kids any classic movies? They're not really into classic movies yet.

Sarah: I've shown them some classic kid movies like...

John: They like The Little Mermaid, but that's not that classic as such.

Sarah: Muppets. Muppets Take Manhattan.

John: Yep.

Sarah: Is that classic?

John: I don't know if that's really a classic as such. Some people say it's the Citizen Kane of children's movies. Just kidding. That's Penguins of Madagascar.

Sarah: As they get older we'll show them more classic movies. But to be fair, not to out you or anything, John, but you don't really like classic movies very much.

John: I like Harvey. I like a good classic movie, but there are a lot of bad ones.

Sarah: What are the classic movies that you guys think that we should show our children, now or in the coming days?

John: While you're answering that, I'm going to answer, "how do I get my question answered on 'Dear Hank and John'?" It's just luck. Luck/keeping it short. There are so many questions that come in and I'm really sorry we don't answer more of them.

Sarah: Lion King, Zootopia they've seen.

John: Zootopia came out, like, two weeks ago! I'm sorry we don't answer more questions on 'Dear Hank and John,' but we're trying our best. This is The Yeti, by the way.

Sarah: Yes, hello.

John: It is indeed The Yeti. Singin' in the Rain is a good classic movie that kids could like!

Sarah: Yeah! Inside Out, Mary Poppins.

John: They've seen Inside Out. They've seen Finding Nemo.

Sarah: Mulan they have not seen.

John: They have not seen that. They're not ready for Old Yeller, because what happens at the end, man!

Sarah: Princess Bride!

John: Oh we should show them Princess Br... ehh, maybe Henry.

Sarah: Yeah.

John: I dunno. They're just getting to the age where they could properly appreciate Princess Bride.

Sarah: It's a Wonderful Life - that's pretty sad.

John: Henry and I are reading the Harry Potter books, and as we finish a book we watch the movie adaptation.

Sarah: Sleeping Beauty, you know that's one that I actually.. I don't want to show a lot of princess movies where the princess or substitute doesn't have any agency.

John: Right.

Sarah: Like, "I must sit here, lie here until my prince comes to save me."

John: "...climbs up my hair. All I did to solve this problem was grow my hair long."

Sarah: Or Rapunzel?

John: Yeah.

Sarah: Yeah, well, you know. Life was different for women then.

John: Very.

Sarah: Not that our problems are over. Alice in Wonderland - yeah. Have we read Peter Pan? Not recently.

John: No, I mean I read it when...

Sarah: Star Wars - our kids have seen all of the Star Wars movies, and even our three-year-old likes it. 

John: Yeah. They are just Star Wars crazy.

Sarah: It's a little violent sometimes.

John: Yeah, but they love Star Wars. Alright, so we're gonna go back to signing some posters, but thank you for all of your support, and in general for everything...they want us to sing a song from Hamilton, but that's never gonna happen.

Sarah: No.

John: I can't sing, guys. I don't know, after ten years...

Sarah: No, really. He can't.

John: I can't. I'm really, really bad.

Sarah: Yeah.

John: How bad am I?

Sarah: Pretty bad.

John: Yeah, I mean she's saying that in a loving way.

Sarah: Actually, we sang karaoke for my birthday, and John does a
really good Johnny Cash. So, you can do Johnny Cash. Low register, you know? A little bit "talky."

John: I mean, to be fair, I think Sarah had been drinking, when she heard me do my Johnny Cash, and I also think the best karaoke microphones - they're gentle. They're gentle.

Sarah: Yeah.

John: Alright, well, thank you guys so much for coming to our live show. Again, everything at is 20% off through the weekend. Thank you to all the people you support: the independent creators you support at DFTBA, but also the people who work here. They're a really amazing group of people and they work extremely hard, and we're very grateful to them. And thank you.

Sarah: Yeah!

John: So you guys rule! Sorry about the live show getting cut off by my getting a phone call. I'll try to remember next time that that is why you turn it to airplane mode.

Sarah: Don't forget to be awesome. Happy Thanksgiving.

John: DFTBA! Happy Thanksgiving, guys.