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Hi. Hold on I have to tweet this. Hold on. I'm very bad at Twitter. Sarah, can you type, Sarah and John live and then hit control v. Sorry. That was high stress.

Hello, notification squad. Thanks for coming to the live show. I'm here at... by the way I'm wearing the first Art Assignment shirt. It says, "all art was once contemporary". Which is kind of a political statement but a very true one.

And... (to Sarah) are we live. Did you tweet it with the link? Great Job.

I'm here with Sarah!

Sarah: Hello. Hi everybody.

John: So, it's Black Friday for those of you in the United States. Which means that the DFTBA warehouse is hopping. Processing your orders. Everything 20% off. So here's our warehouse manager.

Manager: Hi Guys.

John: These are the real people that you really support at When you e-mail something about your order, i want to show you the person who gets that e-mail so that you don't curse to her.

John: Earlier today, my newsletter went out to all of the people who have bought from DFTBA in the past. And I don't want to call anybody out but to the person who said, um, F off you money grubbing B, go write an effing book.

Sarah: I think it was a little milder than that.

John: No, no, it was less mild, less mild than that. Just to that person I would like to say that obviously if I wanted money...

Sarah: you would have written another book.

John: Yah

Sarah: Ya, You would have pushed it a little more.

John: I might have just pushed the gas pedal, published something I wasn't super proud of around the time the Fault in Our Stars movie came out. But...

Sarah: That would ahve been smart actually.

John: Yup. Yup. Your not the first person to ever mention that to me. Okay so I want to show you some of the stuff...

Sarah: Wait, wait but first baby Hank. Look at baby Hank back there.

John: Where's baby Hank?

Sarah: On the wall.

John: Oh ya, Here at the DFTBA warehouse we keep that picture of nerdy baby Hank up at all times. Just to remind you.


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John: That nerdy baby Hank is here. Also here is another person to introduce you to.

Rachel: Hi, I'm Rachel

John: This is Rachel. She helps like, get all the, she does a lot of the designs, but she also gets all the uh awesome stuff for pizzamas and like sources everything and tries hard to work with uh interesting cool people uh when sourcing stuff who are doing great work. Like uh, the people in Indianapolis who made the Pizza John PJs, or the people right here in Misoula who make the T-shirts.

John: Ok, I'm going to give you a tour of the Warehouse now. How you doing Sara?

Sara: I'm good. I'm good. I'm just enjoying seeing all this great stuff. I did some Christmas shopping, It's a little early Christmas shopping.

John: Did you?

Sara: But it's much more fun uh to run around the isles grabbing stuff.

John: I mean

Sara: Then then to shop online, but I mean

John: Don't tell them that. Tell them that going to is the best shopping experience you can possibly have.

Sara: It's true, it's true. But lets give them the vicarious experience of shopping in the warehouse

John: Right we'll give you the vicarious experience by letting you shop in the warehouse over the next few minutes. But yeah, everything is 20% off now through Monday at and you're supporting all these nice people who work very hard here.

John: So we're

Sara: Oh wait

John: So we're packaging mugs.

Sara: My hat

John: Sara wants to feature her hat

Sara: This is uh PBS idea idea's channel hat, brought to you by Mike Rugnetta. It's a post modernism hat, which I think is pretty great. Looks good. What do you think?

John: I think it's excellent. By the way, lots of people in comments are saying you look like Alison from "Just Between Us".

Sara: I think like Alison looks like me. *laughs*

John: yeah but *laughs* one or the other is definitely true. You definitely do look like Alison slash she looks like you.

John: So we've got lots of great, uh, hats here. We've got this cool DFTBA hat, um, that I like a lot.

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John: This DFTBA hat is very, it's it's full of life. It's very beautiful.

Sara: It is

John: It takes a certain boldness to wear it

Sara: It's festive

John: But whenever I see people wearing it in real life, I'm always like "that is a cool hat"

Sara: I think we should get one more

John: We've got this DFTBA hat as well. Um and then there is the Pizza John hat if you want to wear my face on your head. And then there is a VidCon hat if you're a big VidCon fan.

Sara: Have you ever worn one?

John: No but i'll wear one right now

Sara: John over John

John: I've never worn a snap. I can't really wear these black brim hat. they, they make me look 10 years older than I actually am Sara *laughs*

John: which is saying something because I'm already quite old

Sara: *laughing* It's

John: But I can't pull it off

Sara: It's not a good. No *laughs*

John: It's for um, I don't want to say, I don't want to limit our audience by saying that it's mostly for younger people, but it's mostly for younger people.

John: But we've also got lots of other hats. Internet killed television hat. We've got ahhh ah the Harto. The Hannah Hart snapback which is one of my favorites.

Um. Everybody loves Hannah Hart. And the US Quidditch one.

Which is good because otherwise how else will people know you like muggle Quidditch.

Sara: *laughs*

John: Umm. So many other things. We've got... Oh wait, we can't sell the Pizzamas stress balls anymore.

I forgot. Pizzamas is over.

Sara: Yeah

John: We've got lots of iPhone cases, if you're in the market for an iPhone case.

Sara: You need one

John: We've got this DFTBA key smart. Which is excellent. You know. It's like a multi tool.

All kinds of things. Ummmmmm. That's just the beginning of the tour.

Sara: Yeah. Let's keep going

John: Let's go to the... Do you wanna go to the shirt section?

Sara: Yes. Let's.

John: This... My.... Oh, Somebody says the "Love is love is love is love" poster is my favorite thing. Over our heads.

That is not for sale, but it is a reminder of the values of our company. So *laughs* sorry that it is not for sale. Where did we get that I wonder?

Sara: Yeah, where did that come from? Anybody know?

John: I think it might have been a product at one point. I don't know. Alright we're going to the T-shirt section. So look, as you can see, there is a lot of T-shirts

Sara: Yes

John: Available right now at There are these awesome Good Mythical Morning hoodies. I have one of these. Big fan of that

Sara: Yeah, they're great

John: I like to run in it in the winter. Um Lots of Rhett and Link Shirts. Lots of Rhett and Link

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