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In which Hank takes a brief break from paternity leave to talk fatherhood, baby poop, favorite Disney movies, desert island books, and diaper suits of armor.

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John: Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday. Wait, what is this background? Am I on a green screen? Am I in Montana?
Hank: Yes, you are.
J: It's Hank. It's a reunion video! It's happening! Hank is making his triumphant but temporary return to Vlogbrothers, hello!
H: Hello, I might make another video this week about VidCon.
J: You're so bad at paternity leave. Okay Hank, I got some Question Tuesday questions from nerdfighters for you.

J: First, how is Orin doing? Orin is your son.
H: He's good, he's good, he's a good baby.
J: Sooo cute...
H: He's very cute.
J: ...uhh, it's almost unbearable.
H: I think he may have smiled at me this morning.
J: Really?!
H: Maybe, he might have just been pooping.

J: Hank, why is there no sequel to The Fault in Our Stars?
H: Ohh, it would've been, I think, maybe not the happiest book.
J: I also don't really know how it could've happened but believe me, people in Hollywood did make suggestions.
H: (laughs)

J: Favourite Disney movie. Go!
H: Is Go a Disney movie?
J: I thought that that was way too dark to be a Disney movie.
H: (laughs)
J: I think it was rated R. I liked, um, the new one, that Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the songs for.
H: You know Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote a song for the new Star Wars movie? (singing) Oot-pat-tat-too-too-moony-moony, oom-pat-tat-too-too-moony-moony.
J: Unfortunately we don't, um, have the ability to clear the rights to that song...
H: (laughs)
J: but on the upside, that was not a good enough version, uh...
H: Yeah, nobody knows what I was singing.
J: ...for copyright to come in to play

J: What is the most surprising...
H: Frozen!
J: That wasn't the question.... What is the most surprising thing about having a baby?
H: The noise of the poops.
J: Yes, sonic.
H: Like literally surprising, like I'll be like whoa (jumps backwards). Within the first day of Orin being home, uh, he pooped with his diaper off, while I was changing.
J: Um-hum. Oh, hey, that's a rookie error.
H: I'm a rookie.
J: I know. Henry pooped on me so many times, Alice pooped on me never. Because I would go in with like seven diapers. I'd be wearing like a diaper suit of armor.
H: I went ahead and tried to catch it with my hand.
J: Nope!
H: I was like, urhh.

J: Switch glasses!
H: Every time we do this I'm like yours are dirty.
J: Yeah, that's how I like to see the world: through smudged lenses.
H: This eye is pretty much exactly the same.
J: Oh yeah, wow. The left eye is the exact sa... It's almost like we're brothers.
H: (laughs)

J: If you could take one book to a desert island, what book would it be? I've been thinking a lot about this question.
H: And just, like, leave it there so no one could ever read it again? Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead.
J: No, no, no (laughs). Here is my idea, it's a book where if you read it forwards, all the, it's just the collected works of Shakespeare. So it's rich, it's complicated, it's beautiful and then if you read it backwards, um, like the backsides of the pages...
H: Okay
J: ...are a survival guide for how to live on a desert island.
H: (laughs) I was going to, uh, go with the Kingkiller trilogy by Patrick Rothfuss, even though the last book isn't out yet, 'cause I, I, if I was going to get stuck on a desert island, I'd better have that third book.
J: I was going to say, how terrible would it be... You know what would happen though, because Pat Rothfuss is such a great guy? Um, you wouldn't get to leave the desert island but an airplane would fly over, drop the third book when it comes out, and just wave goodbye to you.
H: Yeah, like a bottle of water.
J: And you'd be like, "That's all I needed, thanks!"
H: (laughs)

J: Hank, do you have any self-care advice?
H: Uh, I have lots but self-care bunny has better self-care advice than I do
J: Yeah self-care bunny is just here to remind you to be nice to yourself. Yeah, what did we learn from Nathan Zed's video? "You are a good burrito"
H: Not the best burrito.
J: You don't have to be the best, okay, stop putting so much pressure on yourself, you're a really good burrito.
H: There's no best burrito.
J: That's right, there's only different kinds of good burritos. That's true actually.
H: Yeah.
J: That's true on many levels.

J: Alright Hank, write an autobiography in five words. I guess mine would probably be, um, "Is...this...mole...a...concern?"
H: (laughs) I wrote, "He made stuff, with John."
J: Aww-haww, god, that's so nice.

J: Hank, thanks for taking time away from your baby to make a Question Tuesday video.
H: Thank Katherine, cause..
J: (laughs) I will see you right now.
H: Alright.. (thumbs up)
J: Bye (thumbs up). Why are we? What? When did this become a thing? What? Why? Do you know, Alice does that?
H: She thumbs up?
J: Yeah, whenever you're like, "Hey Alice, smile," she doesn't smile, but she's like (thumbs up).
H: (laughs)
J: (laughs)
H: That's great.