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In which Nathan Zed ( fills in for Hank while he's on paternity leave and delves into that taunt that haunts your doorways: "you're not good enough".

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(00:00) Nathan: Hey John.
Other Nathan: Oooooooooo.
Nathan: *cough* Uh.. Hey John, so the other day I was just walking down the-
Other Nathan: This intro is trash. 
Nathan: Aaaaah! So this guy is always in here just telling me that I am not good enough.
Other Nathan: You look like Drake's ugly cousin, Derek.

(00:18) Nathan: Can't argue with that. I'm not good at a lot of things, most things some people would say. Here is a list of all the things I'm good at versus all the things that I am bad at. I'm not good at sports. I don't know how to... make... pottery. I can't juggle. I'd make a terrible doctor. 

(00:30) Patient Nathan: Just give it to me straight doc, how is she? 
Doctor Nathan: Well, if we are being honest, I don't think she is going to make it. 
Patient Nathan: No...*cries*
Doctor Nathan: Well, if we are being really honest, your shoes are whack and you smell really bad.
Patient Nathan: What? 
Doctor Nathan: Like I could smell you when I walked into this room. Like maybe it's best if she died, so she will never have to smell your again. 
Patient Nathan: What?
Doctor Nathan: And we're gonna have to run a couple more tests to be sure and oh- *long beep* - never mind. She's dead.

(00:56) Nathan: I can't do a good Kanye impression, but I can do a good impression of Obama doing a bad Kanye impression. 

Now: easy easy easy. Just jumped over Jumpman. Now Kim, where you at honey? No Michelle, there's no cam. It just a video.  
(01:07) Nathan: Even with the things that I think I am good at, I always feel that I am not good enough. There is always that tiny little voice in my head that is like: you call that a good grade? you call that being a good friend? you call that a creme brulee?
Other Nathan: You call that a flashback?
Nathan: If you think that I am bad at this, why don't you just leave?
Other Nathan: No, I know that you're bad. I just need you to know you're bad. 

(01:24) Nathan: My problem is that if I am not amazing at something, then I just tell myself what's the point of even doing this. Like, if I'm not an amazing singer, why sing at all? Why would anyone what to listen to me when they could listen to Adele or, er... Shawn Mendes, um... Crazy Frog, I dunno?

(01:41) The thing is the only way you can be amazing at something is if you practise. But I don't want to be at that first level where I am trash at it. I just hate feeling like the most unqualified person in the room. Which is why I feel so uncomfortable in myyyyyyyy... Guess which class it is. Guess which class it is. All of them. It's all of them. 

(01:56) I still vividly remember being a small kid in art class and another kid, who was just sitting in front of me, outta nowhere just turns around and says: Look at this poor helpless fool, just trying to draw this measly giraffe as I complete my replica of Cafe Terrace at night by Vincent Van Gogh. I wish death upon you and your family. Yes, I hope you die. *laughs* Class, all look at this. Let's laugh *lots of laughter* in unison *more laughter*

(02:19) That was all probably in my head. What actually probably happened was he just turned around and said: Ah, Nathan, that looks pretty good. And then I started thinking: That looks good? He's lying. He hates it. He is taunting me. I, I have to kill him before he kills me. I wish I had an answer for this problem of not feeling good enough but, ah, I don't. Ah, it's something I go through everyday. Still.

(02:40) What I am trying to do right now is just do things. Just do things I love, regardless of how "good" I am and just not care. What's that quote? "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Sh -sh .. b-basketball, not alcohol. And don't drink alcohol and play basketball or you'll miss 100% of the shots you do take. You know, life is like rolling- 
Other Nathan: Oh God, he is going to try make a food metaphor. 

(03:05) Nathan:- a burrito. You got all these things you are good at, you know what I'm saying? You got your rice, you got your beans, you got the succulent chicken, the lettuce, the sour cream, the guac (if the money ripe). Eating them separately, you might not have the best chicken in the world or the greatest sour cream you ever tasted. You might not be incredible at this, you might not be amazing at that but roll them all together to make you and you got a pretty good burrito. Person! Ah, nailed it. 

(03:25) Oh hey, he's gone. I guess I learnt to overcome it. That's what you call a character ark, kids. *clap* That's storytelling *clap* that's writing *clap* get me on a show. That's my time here. I hope you enjoyed that. For more food-based, inspirational metaphors follow me on my YouTube or my Twitter (@NathanZed). I just noticed I am wearing this, but this is very appropriate. Ah, the cowardly dog ;the cowardly human.