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Immediately after filming this, my friend and I went on the Tilt-a-whirl. Twice. I am still a little dizzy - so fun!
Katharine: We're at the fair! Look it. look at all of the fair
Ooooh it's very dark. Our friends are on this ride right now, and I wouldn't go on it because it looks scary
Hank: I'm taking awesome long exposure photographs on this camera see.
K: No that's just a big, big bright blur.
H: I'll put it on my tumbler.
K: It looks really good though and nobody would go on this one with me, which is like my favorite. The tilty one. the tilty one. I love it. This is the one that Hank calls the forces. He calls it the forces because it makes all of his parts go in different directions and the blood goes to his feet and he does not like it, but I love it. I don't like the ones that go high like that though. That is, that is too high. That is too high and fast and I just ate a lot of fried food and I don't think that'd end well. So I passed on that one and if that makes me lame, so be it. There we go. There it is, there's Hank filming it. Bye.