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In which Hank proposes some feud items, one he expects will actually take hold. And he goes on a little rant about The Goonies as well.


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A Bunny
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Good morning John, it's Friday, October 5th. I've got your video cued up, uh, when you talk about the feuds. I was thinkin' I would just sort of listen in, and tell you what I thought of the things that you mentioned.
(Text in parentheses takes place simultaneous to Hank's answers, and is heavily distorted).
John: Dragons or fairies?
Hank: Dragons.
John: Dragons.

John: Love or money? Love. (I mean, like you're gonna pick money.)
Hank: Mmmmon. . .love. Love.
John: Actually, you might pick money. (God you love money.)
Hank: Hey!

John: Pirates or ninjas? Ninjas.
Hank: Ninjas.
John: Hank, I know that everyone in comments was like, "Pirates pwn!"...
Hank: No.
John: ...but seriously? Pirates?
Hank: Pirates aren't even well trained!
John: (Pirates haven't been cool since Goonies.) I mean is one of the best online series in history called "Ask A Pirate"?
Hank: "Ask A Pirate" would be a good show, though.

John: Unicorns vs. zombies?
Hank: Unicorns.
John: (Zombies), although I'm profoundly troubled by both.

Ok, well, I think we've got a good place to start, then! Uh, with unicorns or zombies . . . it's kinda hard to argue about something that doesn't exist though. We have had arguments in Brotherhood 2.0: remember the whole Obama/Edwards thing? I mean, the whole reason that Brotherhood 2.0 hasn't been able to endorse a candidate is that Barack Obama has a problem with coal. And this, apparently, is not something that bothers you. Maybe it's because 'outside' doesn't have the kind of influence over you that 'outside' should have.

I broke my box. . .

Cheese or chocolate - can we feud about cheese or chocolate? I'm a cheese man, myself. There are just more kinds of cheese than there are kinds of chocolates; I feel like I would be giving up more.

sxephil, or WhatTheBuck? I'm gonna go with sxephil, no offense to the Buck, I'm just more in sxephil's demographic, I think.

Star Trek: The Original Series, or Star Trek: The Next Generation? Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Kung Fu, or Kung Fu: The Legend Continues? Actually, I mean, if you said "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues", then we would ACTUALLY have a feud on our hands.

Huey Lewis and The News: Back in Time, or Huey Lewis and The News: Ghostbusters? That one's really hard!

The Never Ending Story, or Goonies? Goonies never say die! It's our time, our time, down here. It occurs to me that the Goonies may possibly have been the original Nerdfighters. The nerdy Asian kid who was inventing stuff all the time? And then there's Mikey who had all the braces and couldn't speak correctly and was always saying the wrong word at the wrong time. And then there was Mouth, who was just ridiculously smart, and then there's Chunk. . . who's chubby. Also there's Sloth. (Incomprehensible impression of Sloth).

OK, now, it is occurring to me that many people who watch Brotherhood 2.0 are too young to watch The Goonies and that is a horrible tragedy! Young Nerdfighters - if you have never watched Goonies, go rent Goonies. It's like Harry Potter, except there are pirates. And it takes place in the real world. Or at least, the real world as it was in 1985. It's about friendship. That, and being social-outcast underdogs: so, something that we know a good deal about, here in Nerdfighter town.

Anyway... what was I talking about? Feuds!

I can easily see, if John Edwards becomes a little bit more of a substantial candidate in this race, THAT could be a real feud, because I do like John Edwards a lot.

I like to listen to Barack Obama: I would love to listen to him for the next four years, I just want to hear his voice, it's pleasant.

But sometimes, I feel like his priorities are not stacked in the same order as my priorities. I think that all of his priorities match up well with my priorities, but I think his is in a different list, it's a different order.

In my opinion, it's not going to matter very much if there's good health care in America if we can't feed ourselves, because we've poisoned the Earth.

In fact, anybody who brings Al Gore into their cabinet to be, like, Chief of Environmental Affairs and Climate Research . . . yes, that person, I would vote for.

I don't care who the hell it is, I don't even care which party it is. Someone who actually shows that they, um, give a shit, about the environment . . . that's the one that I'm going for.

Hopefully that's enough material for a feud for you, cause I think it probably is. Picking on universal healthcare: now that's how to piss off John Green! and My Pants may be down for a little bit this weekend, cause we're moving to a new server! And that, is probably all that I'm gonna say today! Katherine and I are gonna go on a walk. I'll see you on Monday.