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In which past John, present John, and Bubbles the Nerdfighting Puppy (aka Willy) answer questions from Nerdfighters about Paper Towns.


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Good morning Hank, it's Saturday February fifteenth. Time for a special bonus video!

Willy, please don't eat the tripod, c'mon. Willy! You can't... you can't eat the tripod, I'm making a video. No, no eating the tripod! Ah, do you just want to be in the video? Is that the problem? Do you want to be a YouTube celebrity and I'm not doing a good job of letting you?

So Hank today with Willy's help and also with the help of me from the past, I'm going to answer some questions about my new book "Paper Towns" that I didn't get to answer in my last video.

I'm already boring you?

Q: Are you doing any public appearances soon?
A: Yes and thank you for asking. On Friday March thirteenth I'm going to be here in Indianapolis, doing a reading as part of a fundraiser for a great organization called "Second Story"; you can find out more about that in the sidebar, I believe I'm pointing in the right direction.

And then on Thursday March nineteenth we're going to be in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Actually you can't come Willy; I know you're upset about it.

That's right Hank I'm going to Amsterdam for the launch of the Dutch version of "Paper Towns"! European nerdfighters if you'd like to come there's going to be an awesome public nerdfighter gathering on Thursday night in Amsterdam, I don't know the details yet, but it would be very helpful if you would sign up- link to do that is in the sidebar.

Q: How long did it take you to write "Paper Towns"?
A: About three years.

Q: You seemed kind of rushed in the end, were you?
A: Yeah, I spent three years writing the book but the end, ten minutes.

No I wasn't rushed at the end, but I also didn't want to say everything on the page.

Q: Why do you love road trips as they appear in two of your three books?
A: Well first off road trips are fun and secondly they're just a really, really good metaphor.

Wait, wait, no licks when I'm trying to talk about metaphor!

Q: Why do you call it "omnictionary" and not Wikipedia?
A: A lot of people asked me about this and they seemed to think that I was worried that Wikipedia might sue me, but of course no one in human history has less standing to sue anyone for anything than Wikipedia. I wasn't worried about that, I had my fancy literary reasons: Omnictionary, you know, contains all of the knowledge.

Q: Is the girl on the cover a nerdfighter?
A: I don't know, all I know about her is that she's a nice young woman from Canada.

Q: What about other countries?
A: It's out in Australia now, although apparently somewhat hard to find and it's coming out in a bunch of other countries, but it isn't out yet.

Q: Either there are "Brotherhood 2.0" references in "Paper Towns" or there are "Paper Towns" references in "Brotherhood 2.0", which is it?
A: It’s definitely that there are "Paper Towns" references in "Brotherhood 2.0". Many of you spent the last year and a half of the writing and revision of "Paper Towns" with me, which meant that inevitably, in the way that friends do, you were going to be exposed to things that I was thinking about and wondering about while I was writing "Paper Towns".

Q: You should do more collaborative writing, are you now? Soon? Please?
A: Yes I am now, soon, please. My next book that comes out in the spring 2010 is a collaboratively written book with my friend David Levithan.

Q: Will you ask Hank about the Carrie Bradshaw punishment?
A: Yeah Hank, the Carrie Bradshaw punishment, you need to do it now, soon, please.

Hank, past me, current me and Bubbles the nerdfighting puppy would all like to say best wishes!


And you'll see me tomorrow.