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In which Hank Sock's accent changes like four times while he and Hank discuss movies and the outcome of Harrison's proposal.


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Hank: Good morning, John. It's Wednesday, February 18th, and I wanted to re-introduce you to my friend Hanksock because he can do something that you didn't think that could do.

Hanksock: I can talk!

Hank: That's right. We're goin' on the road, me and Hanksock: Ventriloquist Act-

Hanksock: -Extraordinaire!

Hank: Hanksock and I were thinking about going to see a movie, but then we realized-

Hanksock: -movies this year really stink!

Hank: That's true for the most part. For the most part, though with two exceptions.

Hanksock: Yeah, I guess.

Hank: What're your exceptions?

Hanksock: Well, uh, Coraline and uh... Slumdog Millionaire.

Hank: Yeah. Yes. Those are mine, too. Interesting. Coraline was absolutely beautiful-

Hanksock: Gorgeous!

Hank: Like, the prettiest movie I've ever seen in my life-

Hanksock: And we love Neil Gaiman-

Hank: Yeah. And They Might be Giants. So, go see Coraline for sure. They're not paying me to say this! Hanksock and I actually decided that there were a lot of movies that could've been way better if they had only had one word in their title changed. Like, wouldn't it be amazing if Bride Wars, instead of being Bride Wars, was Gorilla Wars. And then you have Underworld: [The] Rise of the Lycans, which would be way better if it were Underworld: The Rise of the Ligers. Speaking of which, Hotel for Dogs should probably be Hotel for Ligers. And then we have Paul Blart: Mall Cop, which would definitely be better if it were Paul Blart: Small Cop and he was a diminutive detective and he solved crime and kicked peoples' ass despite the fact that he was four feet tall! And then, finally, Confessions of a Shopaholic would probably better if it were Confessions of an [Anything-else]-aholic, and while we're at it, it might as well star David Duchovny. Hanksock and I also wanted to tell you a little bit about the story about the guy who proposed to his girlfriend via me on Brotherhood the other day.

Hanksock: Are congratulations in order?

Hank: Indeed, Hanksock, they are!

Hanksock: So are you gonna tell us about it?

Hank: Well, I'm about to. That- that resourceful Nerdfighter snuck into his girlfriend-now-fiancee's house that day, hid in her attic, and waited for her to check Vlogbrothers (as well as Cute With Chris and Stuff on My Cat).

Hanksock: Wow, he certainly got a lot of people involved!

Hank: I know! Seriously, I wish I had thought of this stuff. And then, can you guess?

Hanksock: No.

Hank: And then, right as she was coming home, instead of checking Vlogbrothers and Stuff on My Cat and Cute With Chris, she decided that she would put away her Christmas tree stand which she had outside, and of course, the Christmas tree stand goes where?

Hanksock: In the attic.

Hank: That's right, so she was like... "Harrison, what're you doing in the attic?"

Hank and Hanksock: (*laughing*)

Hank: And he was like, "Aah, how about you come over and I show you something?" And she said yes.

Hank and Hanksock: Yay! Congratulations, you two!

Hank: Hanksock, is there anything else that we wanted to talk about, today?

Hanksock: Well, ummmm, maybe that your brand-new album is finally out on iTunes and you can buy it, today!

Hank: Hanksock, I don't like to be too overtly commercial on these things, but-

Hanksock: Well, it's a really good album!

Hank: Well, thank you, uh, but yes, it's available on iTunes, now. The link is in the sidebar.

Hanksock: Wh- where- where is the sidebar? Where? Where is it? Where is the sidebar? Where is it? The sidebar? Mmmm... [Continued mumbling wondering where the sidebar is]

Hank: Ah, Hanksock, I'm never actually totally sure which side the sidebar is on, but I'm sure you can find it if you look hard enough. Anyway, John, I'll see you, soon. Hanksock, you are kinda spastic.