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We come up with our very super hero origin stories and make comic strips for them.

They're some of the biggest heroes around too! You've heard of Johnny Bagpipes and Mrs Radish-head right?

And it's Friday so we've got some genuinely interesting facts in Cereal Time University!

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Charlie & Jimmy

J: Good morning lovely people!
C: I am Charlie.
J: I'm Jimmy.
C: And today on the show, who will win, the half-man half-bagpipes or the woman with a radish for a head?
J: It's Cereal Time.
C: Welcome back to Cereal Time, a week daily show featuring Jimmy and myself, talking at you while you masticate. I said that right. It means eating.
J: Masticate.
C: Yeah.
J: I had a panic then for a moment. Wh-Where's he going with this?
C: It's a morning show Jimmy, I'm keeping it PG.
            J: (whisper) Morning show.
J: Thanks for joining us this week. We've made it to Friday. First week of Cereal Time. Yes! It's been a good week. I've had, I've had a lovely time, I've enjoyed myself.
           C: It's been fun.
J: We themed the week all around beginnings, cos obviously this is a new thing for us. And continuing that theme today, we're going to talk about superhero origin stories, more specifically, we're going to invent some.
C: Yeah. So Josh has come up with a list of superheroes for us, that we're gonna look through.
J: Completely made up superheroes.
C: Made up superheroes.
J: They don't exist.
C: And uh, we have to pick one of these superheroes that he's made up and we have to then make up it's origin story. Tell the story of how that superhero became that superhero, and then, while you hear us coming up with this origin story, we're also gonna do drawings later, that you'll see on the screen of us doing a little comic of the superhero origin story.
J: Yeah but the origin story from us, we, we've had no chance to prepare it.
(Charlie laughs)
J: We're going to completely make it on the spot. And then Josh is going to pick a winner.
C: Yeah, just pick your favorite. Whichever one is the best. So-
J: We should also say that there's some jeopardy because the loser is gonna have to dress up as the winner's superhero.
C: I forgot about that bit.
J: And do the show on Monday, dressed as said superhero.
C: Oh gosh.
J: It's gonna be pretty embarrassing.
C: Oh well lets see how that goes.
J: So it's all to play for (?)
C: So we've got four potential superheroes here. We've got Johnny Bagpipes,
J: (laughs)
C: Aquafish, Mrs. Radish-head, and Enrique the Shoeshine Boy.
J: (laughs)
C: So what superhero are you interested in going for today, Jimmy?
J: Well, not Enrique the Shoeshine Boy. Sound's rubbish.
C: Not very super, is it?
J: No. I mean, I like the sound of Aquafish, although
C: Pretty on the nose, isn't it?
J: All fishes are Aquafish, aren't they?
C: Yeah.
J: I think I'm going to go for Mrs. Radish-head.
C: Oh yeah?
J: Think so.
C: So, Mrs. Radish-head, married to Mr. Radish-head, who is also her villainous arch nemesis, she has a radish for a head, obviously, but can have any super hair(?) power imaginable as long as it's vegetable based.
J: Uhhh
C: That's what you want to go for?
J: I've made a terrible mistake. Yeah, I'm going to commit to it, I'm sticking to it. I'm- yeah.
C: Okay, I'm going to go for Johnny Bagpipes, I think.
J: Okay, so Johnny Bagpipes, he's half man, half bagpipes, uses bagpipes to save the world, has an irrational fear of bagpipes.
C: Sounds good enough to me. Okay
J: Okay, so, do you want to go first or shall I?
C: Yeah, I'll go first.
J: Okay, go on. Tell me about Johnny Bagpipes.


C: Okay, so, little Johnny Gerturde, which was his name originally, growing up in the hills of Scotland, and, little known fact about bagpipes is that we know them as the musical instrument but it's sort of an animal, right?
J: (laughs)
C: Up in the hills of Scotland. It's a real being.
J: Is it?
C: Can you sense the nerves in me as I try to come up with the story or (?)?
J: Hang on, tell me about the bagpipe animal.
C: So they have those long spindly legs, right? They run around. They make this horrendous noise that terrifies the children up in Scotland and they are very dangerous. And it's sort of similar to werewolves in a way. They are like the Scottish werewolf. And if one of them bites you, then you become half man, half werewolves. This is the story.
J: You become half werewolf?
C: Little Johnny was out in the hills, the Scottish countryside one day. He was there with his school, went on a little school trip. Got separated from the group and was off on his own, and then he saw a bagpipe. Like big red eyes, you know?
J: Oh.
C: Bites him. Chops off one of his arms, actually.
J: Oh wow. Where's his teacher in all of this?
C: Off with the rest of the group. Just forgot about him. He didn't end up with a partner. Poor little Johnny, no one really likes him.
J: What was his second name again?
C: Gertrude. Johnny Gertrude.
J: Just checking.
C: Gets bitten, becomes half man, half bagpipes. Infused with bagpipe blood, right? And that's why he's both afraid of bagpipes, they attacked him when he was a child, uses the power of bagpipes, this immense noise that he can send out of himself. Breaks glass. It's this scary shockwave. That's how Johnny became Johnny Bagpipes.
J: So his superhero power, is that he sounds like a bagpipe?
C: Yeah. But a really loud bagpipe. 
J: But a really loud bagpipe.


J: Her super power is that anything she touches shrivels into an old vegetable. The kind of vegetable you'd had in your cupboard for maybe three or four weeks. So if she sees a bad guy, she'll just touch him and he just sort of shrivel. Like a soggy pasta.
C: Can she control this or is she touching her children and they shrivel up?
J: She can't control it. No, it's terrible. There been absolutely some tragic moments.
C: Don't know why I brought it up.
J: Mrs. Radish-head. It's a bit of a sensitive point, actually.
C: Not much of an origin story yet, gotta be honest.
J: I'm getting to that. I'm getting to that. Mrs. Radish-head, head for a radish. Mr Radish-head, just a normal guy. 
C: Ooh
J: An evil scientist. He found Mrs. Radish-head, before she was Mrs. Radish-head, when she was just Ms. Wall and he took her to his evil laboratory. Cut off her head.
C: Oh, good lord
J: And replaced it with a radish because he's obsessed with radishes. He's just got a weird thing for radishes. He wanted to marry a radish woman. Now to his surprise, Mrs. Radish-head survived with the head of a radish, but unexpected consequence, she's now got the ability to touch anything. To turn anything she touches into a shriveled vegetable. Which is a blessing and a curse cause as you rightfully pointed out, she did turn her own children into shriveled carrots by mistake.
She tries to use her powers just for good, but mostly she's just plotting a way of leaving her evil scientist husband.
C: Wow
J: That's Mrs. Radish-head.
C: I'm kind of enthrilled, I've got to be honest.
J: I'm not looking forward to drawing this.
C: Right, shall we get our drawings on then?

  Drawings (7:11)

J: Drawing time is up. Here's what I came up with, Charlie.
C: Wow
J: This is Mrs. Radish-head. This is her origin. This is Mrs. Radish-head, formerly Ms. Wall, with evil doctor, or whatever I said. He's sort of leering over her. That's his potions in the corner.
And then that's her after the operation. Now she's got a radish for a head.
C: Does she have eyes or?
J: No. She has no facial features. She's a giant radish. It's terrible. She's just saying "Sorry I've turned you into carrots," and that's her shriveled carrot children.
C: Okay, well I feel like you went into a bit more detail than I did, so as you can see I've got little Johnny Gertrude right there. He's wearing a kilt, cause, you know, Scottish. And then we have Johnny Bagpipes. So he's much older now. Shaved all his head off. Hair, not his head. That would be too dangerous. He's not that powerful 
J: He could always have a radish put on. 
C: He could do it, but he's not a fan of radishes. 
J: Oh, okay, fine.
C: He's Johnny Bagpipes. But he's got a beard. Nice ginger beard. And his lower half is basically bagpipes so he kind of walks on the two spindly -
J: (makes *chuh* noises)
C: Yeah, just like that. And then I also sort of added some lines. As you can see the sound is so powerful he can sort of fly around with the sound waves. And then I also drew a bagpipe there as well 
J: Oh wow
C: With it's beady red eyes.
J: It looks quite scary
C: Yeah, it would be quite scary.
J: Quite formidable little bagpipe
C: It's almost like a little spider.
J: Yeah
C: But like a giant spider that is also bagpipes
J: That's quite good, that. Why is Johnny Bagpipes so sad?
C: Because he lives a half life. Half man. Half bagpipes.
J: So he doesn't know whether to just be playing a tune or going to work.
C: He's scared of bagpipes as well so whenever he has to look down where his legs were he just sees bagpipes
J: That is awful.
C: He's a tortured, tortured soul.
J: Good. Well done, well done us. I've had a great time doing that. 
C: What a productive way to spend the day. Now I think it's up to Josh to decide which superhero/origin story/drawing expertise he likes the most
Josh: Both very good. Both very good. But Charlie's actually sounded kind of like a real origin story that I could imagine happening. Yours was more something that I imagine scribbled on the wall of a prison, Jimmy.
C and Jimmy: (laughs)
Jimmy: Alright, Josh
Josh: So I'm going to go with Charlie (?)
C: Oh my gosh, I didn't think that was going to happen and I'm really glad that I don't have to wear a radish on my head for the whole other episode
Jimmy: So on Monday, I have to- On Monday, I have to wear. . . What do I have to wear?
C: Well we can re-jig the character design but I guess we'll have to get some bagpipes from somewhere and you wont have to shave your head off. I didn't think about that when I - but probably some kind of ginger beard would be good. 
J: I'm furious. I'm absolutely furious. Please leave us a comment. Let us know who you thought had the best origin story . Show a bit of love for Mrs. Radish-head, please.

  Cereal Time University (10:30)

C: Okay, it's Friday and every Friday is Cereal Time University
J: I've been looking forward to this. Yeah
C: Yeah, You've got a good fact lined up. For this part of the show, Jimmy and I have both prepared facts. We're gonna give the fact to the other person. If they don't know it, we get a point. And the more points you get, the closer you'll get to a Cereal Time Degree.
J: Cereal Time Degree. We're giving out Cereal Time Degrees.
C: Just to ourselves
J: Just to ourselves
C: What's your fact, Jimmy?
J: So, my fact for you, Charlie, is this. Did you know that in Victorian times, in the mid nineteenth century
C: No.
C and J: (laugh)
J: Yeah, easy point!
C: Go on, go on
J: Did you know that there was a railway in London called Necropolis Railway and the sole purpose of this railway was to take dead people, corpses, out of London. The City of London was over crowded. Very little room to bury people. South of London, about 50 miles, to bury them there. In the big graveyard. That was the sole purpose.
C: I did not know that. That is kind of incredible.
J: It's interesting, isn't it? I know it's a little bit of a grim fact to start your day but I just think it's so interesting that there's this huge technical- it was like an institution, I guess. The Necropolis Railway
C: Just a railway system for dead people. That's kind of amazing.
J: The coffin would travel in one carriage and the mourners and the people going to the funeral in another. 
C: Okay, I worry my fact is definitely not as morbid.
J: We need a cheery fact after that. Something to lighten the mood
C: I'll do my best. So my fact involves the evolution of whales. 
J: Of whales?
C: Did you know- So I think in terms of evolution, we kind of know where individuals, I wanna say 'individuals', species started in the water and then eventually evolved to come out of the water. But did you know that whales actually evolved from a land dwelling mammal? 
J: I did not know that.
C: So there was like a cow like mammal. Over millions and millions of years, evolved back into the sea.
J: I did not know that.
C: And we know that because if you look at a whale, They actually still have back legs
J: What?
C: They have tiny little legs right at the back. So that the front legs evolved into their flippers. And the back legs, well they don't need back legs any more, so if you look at a skeleton of a whale, you will see two tiny little bones that used to be their legs
J: Wow, that is a great fact. I did not know that. I'm just imagining now the massive whale teetering around on two back legs like that. "Oh, I'm not supposed to be standing up"
C: But isn't that incredible? 
J: That's amazing
C: That's the way that evolution works, is it always leaves those little legs, it's never perfect.
J: So are there- I'm going to Google this afterwards, but have you seen a picture of what this cow whale would have looked like on land?
C: Yeah, You can look at pictures. They sort of look like, kind of like, giant rats but then over time they evolved into more slim lined rats with front legs and back legs and eventually all the way down into legs. So if you look at a skeleton of a whale, like go to the one at the Natural History museum. You'll see two little bones where the back legs used to be.
J: Wow, what a great fact.
C: So we both get a point
J: We both get a point
C: We're both smart, but not smarter than each other. Get out the abacus
J: Get the abacus. Really excited to have an abacus on the show.
C: So I'm purple.
J: Yeah, Charlie's purple, he painted himself purple
C: One point for me, and one point for you
J: There we are. That's Cereal Time University

  OUTRO (13:53)