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Loads of you are taking your exams right now so we thought we'd have a go. It all seems a bit harder than we remember.

And it's Monday so we're listening to the messages you've left us!

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Charlie & Jimmy
Charlie: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. My name is Charlie.

Jimmy: I'm Johnny Bagpipes.

Charlie: And today, Charlie and Johnny are going to go back to school!

Jimmy: It's Cereal Time!

(Theme music)

Charlie: Welcome back to Cereal Time.  We're a wee daily show here for you every single morning, as you wake up, and if you wanna get in touch with us, it's, that's our e-mail.  

J: I feel like before we proceed, I should explain what's going on here.

C: Do you really need to?  

J: What this look is all about.  I don't know if you saw the show on Friday, but I lost the superhero challenge, so as a forfeit, I've had to come in today dressed as Charlie's creation, Johnny Bagpipes, the bagpipe-playing superhero, so that's why this is going--I don't know, just try to ignore it.

C: You look great.  Let's move on.  

J: I don't look great.  Look at me.  I look like an idiot.

C: So we've received some lovely comments and Tweets from people.  This one's from Faye Bassett, it was her watching Cereal Time in the morning with her daughter, just wanted to show this one which is incredibly cute.

J: I love this.

C: Really love it. 

J: Very, very cute.  Very cute.  We've had actually loads of people Tweet in pictures of them eating their cereal while watching Cereal.  We love that, more of those please.

C: More of it.  Definitely.

J: If you want to send us  one, then give us a Tweet, we're @cerealtimeshow.  

C: I've also got a picture here from (?~1:22)