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Here are some parts that I, the transcriber of this video thus far, found particularly good or interesting. Feel free to add to this list if there are any points I missed - just make sure to add a timestamp so they can be easily found:
*Hank talks about(5:54) and sings(7:48) Auld Lang Syne. He also mentions it briefly later at (12:00).
* Hank tells us about a conversation he had with his right wrist (20:34).


(0:15) Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello! I was not prepared for the beginning of this livestream - obviously - but now I am here, I'm ready, I'm going, I'm here, I'm ready and going. I just had a bowl of chicken noodle soup, courtesy of the Katherine, and, uh, and a pill full of acetaminophen and other delicious necessaries courtesy of the Store Brand of DayQuil, uh, generic version of the liquid cap. It looks like candy, but it's not. It kind of tastes like candy. They actually coat - this is interesting - they actually coat the DayQuil, the LiquiCaps, in a fine layer of a sweetener. I think it was an artificial sweetener, but so that when you put it in your mouth, it tastes sweet, despite the fact that you're just eating a dissolvable plastic, like, that's what it would taste like. Sort of strange, that that...

Okay, according to people, I am live, um, and I need to send out this link. So let's do that. Let's tell the world -*coughs* -where I am - *coughs*.

(from computer) 'Hello, hello, hello, hello-'

Oh, God. That was how long the lag was. So that's good to know. And also, it took me 19 seconds to say anything, so that's just good video right there, uh, and, let's see, I'm gonna share this. I'm live, once again, and also a-live, so that's good. Hashtag P4A. Oh my God, we're still number one trending topic in the US? Did I? I did just load Twitter, that's crazy, you guys, that's nuts! We have never trended this mu- like we've trended, but this is consistent at the top. For days! Take that, Twitter! Yeah, mnh! Okay. I don't know why I was so excited about that.

(2:10) Uh, I have a perk to announce. I have several perks to announce, um, but, and I don't think we have a new video queued up, but I'm gonna check. But first, I wanna say that, uh, when I woke up this morning, we had gone, uh, from, we had raised a huge, huge amount of money, uh, we had gone from, I think, just around, just a little under $300,000, to almost 400,000, so we are now at $393,000. Uh, three hundred ninety SIX thousand dollars. Woah, woah, guys, woah! Calm down! Just, just hold back, a little bit, oh man. Uh, and there are a number of amazing perks that were added that helped a lot, uh, mostly, I think, the Fault in Our Stars, uh, movie poster, which, uh, John will be signing, and apparently he will- he will be signing lots of, because they put it at $25, which seems extremely inexpensive to me. Um, and over 1500 of those have been claimed, almost 1600, so that is- that is our new most popular perk, guys. But, well, probably not, it was probably John's, yeah, John's writing sneak peek is still cheaper than that.

(3:16) *sniffs, groans* Ahh, I don't feel very good! *coughs, sniffs* But that's not what this is about. 'Cause that's, that's how it happens. Um, we're gonna- we're gonna to get to 400K here, and not, and not long, um, so, I-I don't know if I need to do anything but just tell you about that poster and then have you go buy it, because that's a great perk.

(3:45) Uh, there's also my holiday songs EP, so that would be amazing. Maybe I should sing you a holiday song, give you, give you a taste of what, what you're in for. Ah, that's what I'm gonna do. That's what I'm gonna do.

(4:00) Oh, he's not signing all of them. $25 one is unsigned. Oh, there's a $125 one that is signed. Oh, and he's only doing 200 of those, and those have had 128 claimed. Okay. That makes much more sense! Okay, so 128 of those have been claimed. They're going fast, uh, as far as I know, which is, I don't know at all, because I just found out about them, but they're probably going fast. Okay. An-an-an-and that $125 poster is limited edition. There will only be 200 of them, um, as far as I know. One of them can be yours, it says.

Also, I woke up to find that Emily Graslie had sold her painting. So we just put this up because we were like, 'Well, might as well try it out.', but whoever that person was that donated $5000 for an oil painting by Emily Graslie, uh, she does have a Fine Art degree, she is a, uh, she is an artist, a painter, and, um, that is extremely exciting, it's extremely exciting for her, and for the Project For Awesome, and, uh, we are in your debt, whoever you are! Person!

(5:06) Okay, and we're now at $396,000. We're now at three hundred and ninety-- LOAD! It loaded everything except for the number. The whole page page loaded except for the number. So I need to, I need to refresh again. What the heck. 397,288. So that's not, that's not bad, you guys. Uh, let me check my little Skype chat, and see what we're doing right now. I don't know. Yeah. Everybody was like, "Oh God!", they were just freaking out about me saying the wrong thing about the poster. The $25 one is NOT SIGNED. The $125 one is signed.

 Auld Lang Syne

*coughs* (5:54) Um. So, yeah, I'm going to give you a little hint of my, of my uh, of my album here. A little hint. Uh, a little hint of, um, of what you're going to expect from my Christmas EP. This song - It's not really a Christmas EP. Most of the songs are not about Christmas, they're about the holidays and winter, uh, cause that's the kind of Christmas songs I like. Um, even Good King Wenceslas, which I'm doing on this album, is not, not a- it's sort of a winter song. It doesn't talk about Christmas. It's the Feast of Steven, whatever that is. I don't even know. Um, I should know.

(6:38) But anyway, I have a *plays guitar chord*, I have a song here, for you, and it's a pretty famous song, you sing it probably once a year. Probably just once a year, and you sing it once a year, and you probably don't even know th- you know the first verse, but you probably don't know all of the chorus even, but there are like, there are a ton more verses, that you don't know, that are lovely, and you should know them. It's called Auld Lang Syne. It's an old Scottish song, probably older than any other song you know the words to. It was first written down in 1711, but it is older than that. It's about days gone by. It's about your old friends that you don't hang out with anymore, and how you should take some time, possibly, or should you? to remember them. It's a question.

*begins song*

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 
And never brought to mind? 
Should au-auld acquaintance be forgot, 
In days of auld lang syne!

For auld lang syne, my dear 
For auld lang syne,
We’ll take a cup of kindness yet 
For auld lang syne!

And surely you’ll by your pint’ cup, 
And surely I’ll by mine! 
And we’ll take a cup of kindness yet 
For auld lang syne!

We two have run about the slopes 
And picked the daisies fine, 
We've wandered many a weary foot 
Since auld lang syne!

For auld lang syne, my dear 
For auld lang syne,
We’ll take a cup of kindness yet 
For auld lang syne!

We two have paddled in the stream 
From morning sun 'till dawn 
But seas between us broad have roared 
Since auld lang syne.

And there’s a hand, my trusty friend, 
And give me a hand of thine, 
And we’ll take a right goodwill-draught 
For auld lang syne!

For auld lang syne, my dear 
For auld lang syne,
We’ll take a cup of kindness yet 
For auld lang syne!
*song ends*

(9:34) It's a lovely song, and it's sad that we don't think about how, like, what it means, and what, uh, all that is going on with that song, and uh, that there's a lot more of it, and also, it's like, crazy to me that we don't sing the whole thing, cause it's like, it's totally a drinking song, you can keep drinking and sing that song. We need to sing more, as a species of Americans.

(9:56)Anyway, um, *grunts, coughs, sniffs*, um, and auld lang syne, the words, auld lang syne, they-they're Scottish, uh, 'auld' is 'old', and 'lang syne' is like, uh, it's kind of like 'the good old days'. I don't know the exact translation. I looked it up, but I forgot it. Um, it's like, it's saying, like, uh, 'long, long ago' or 'the olden days' or th-the 'good times', um, and...*coughs* Katherine is texting me... and, uh, yeah, so it's like, for, for,it's like, it's also something that people used to say instead of 'once upon a time', they would say, like, 'In auld lang syne, uh dzabrajsarbadzabraba...', um, instead of 'once upon a time', in Scotland, in Scottish stories. Uh, but it's, uh, also come to me in like, colloquially what we would call like, 'the good old days', or 'the- the olden times', uh, you know. It's nostalgia, it's all about nostalgia.

 Rambling and 1st P4A Video

(11:03) Oh, great, Valerie tweeted my... *sighs*, "We need to sing more as a species of Americans". I'm proud of myself. Uh, I don't think I saw anybody, and I want to preserve the his... I don't think I saw anybody, uh, document when, uh, when Will Wheaton said that the Starship Enterprise is Wesley Crusher's final form. So I just want to make sure that everyone, someone wrote that down somewhere.

(11:29) Um, "I'm gonna go make some cheese quesadillas. Then I'll be back to the videos in a bit", says Katie. Uhhhh, but I, I assume we've got a video loaded up. So, if you don't know what's going on, this is the Project for Awesome, there are one thousand five hundred and uh, 1757 people who are watching this, all 1757 of you are awesome, for doing tha- *burps* I feel really sick... I don't feel really sick, like that's like I'm gonna puke. I have a cold, my nose and face hurts. *coughs* Coughing and sneezing, um...

(12:00) But yeah. That song, Auld Lang Syne, if you just, were just listening to me, is available on my Christmas EP. It will sound way better than what you just heard, and I won't mess up even twice. I might mess up once, let's be honest. But you probably won't notice. Unless you do. In which case, sorry. Uh, but yeah, I'm having a Christmas EP. You can learn more about Auld Lang Syne, where it came from, who wrote it, uh, how it wasn't really written. And, um, and, and, yeah, and also a bunch of other songs, Winter Wonderland, uh, uh, Good King Wenceslas, and a number of others. Uh, White Christmas, um, is on there, and it's for charity, so if you're coming after me for copyright, you should feel bad about yourself. Uh, I'm not selling it any other way. Um, *coughs* ... *laughs*, Sa- Sam Rudge, who has, has, has special insight into, into the meaning of that song...

(13:03)Um, okay. So, we, we're, I'm going to, and you should go to too, and we will see what we see, which is that there is a video up, uh, right now, for Women, for I'm putting on my headphones, so that I can watch it, and that we will, we will watch it together. We have raised almost $550,000, total, that's insane, uh, and we've had 313,000 comments, and Sam apparently has updated the page, so that now, when it updates the number total, it does a really cool flashy animation, so, uh, enjoy that while you're, while you're staring at it. I'm gonna click on this video right now, and we're gonna, we're gonna watch it, and we're gonna comment on it, and I'm gonna tell you about a new perk, right after I launch it, um, that is pretty exciting. For me, anyway. *coughs*. Uh, and we're going to launch this video in 

During video: *snaps fingers, coughs, sniffs, various noises are made, dog barks*

(16:24) Yeah. Uh, nice, that was awesome. Collab Project for Awesome videos need to happen more often, there, there needs to be more of that, uh, *coughs*. Sorry... about the coughing. And, uh, Working for Women sounds pretty amazing, sounds like the kind of holistic, uh, you know, broad thinking, intelligent, uh, longlasting-effect kind of charities that I am just, uh, that is, that is my favorite, so I voted for it. Um, and I suggest that you do the same.

(17:01) Uh, we also have, uh, I just wanted to say that Karen Hallion, who, uh, designed many of the things you may have seen on Tumblr in which Disney princesses encounter the Doctor, uh, provided for us three, I think? uh, or possibly four pieces of artwork, um, because I am such a fan of her work and I've actually purchased her artwork before, and I wanted, and I asked if she would do some originals for us and she did and they're beautiful and they are actual, like, you know, one of a kind, you know, ink and paper and watercolor possibly. I'm not sure what the medium is, but it's painted, and they're not printouts or anything, and uh, they're $300, and I think that we've sold quite a number of them. Two of them. So, uh, possibly two of four or two of three. I would check, but I... am checking right now. Uh, two of three claimed. So, there's only one more of those, and that's pretty great, that we sold those. Man, like, we can't keep enough perks online you guys! Pretty much anything that had a limited number is sold out right now. Uh, so, we need to, we need to move beyond, move on, find something new to do, so I'm going to do that, right now, uh, *sniffs, clears throat, coughs*.

(18:24) Um, I, I just saw a twit, a tweet from Ethan Newberry, so I'm gonna, I'm gonna see what is up with him. We have a number of people who are going to join us, uh, for this, and hopefully you will be one of them soon. No, I, I'm not paying any attention. I mean, that'd be great, if you joined us, but hopefully you will SEE one of them soon, is what I'm saying. What I meant to say.

(18:48) Uh, so things that haven't sold out - I'm really excited about artwork from Henry from Minute Physics, uh, we should probably make sure that he has tweeted about that, to let his audience know that this is the first time ever that art created for Minute Physics - you've seen Minute Physics, it's drawn - and uh, Henry of course, now has stacks of these pages that he has drawn for Minute Physics, and uh, is very uh, you know, somewhat protective of them, and this is the first time he has decided to go ahead and make some of them available for charity. We've sold nine of the fifty that are available. They're $250, and they will be hand numbered, and will come with a little certificate of authenticity as well, I believe, uh, and yeah. *coughs*

(19:34) Uh, so I'm going to add, while you guys are commenting - I assume that you're commenting on this video, and I assume that if you uh, believe in the, believe in the cause of Women for Women, if you've gone to and voted for that charity, and I really would appreciate it if you did that. That is super awesome. *sniffs* Ah, sorry that I'm so gross right now.

(19:56) Um, and every comment that you comment on that video is worth a penny. We have left, uh, a huge number of comments, uh, over 300,000 comments, and that means that that's 3,000 com- uh, pennies. No, that's 300,000 pennies, $3,000, uh, and, uh, if my math is correct. And, uh, Katherine is going to the warehouse to help out, so that is good of her, cause she's been feeling sick as well, but uh, they have a lot of Charles Trippy hoodies to ship out! There's always something going on here in Missoula, Montana!

 Hank has a Conversation With his Wrist

(20:34) Uh, yeah, so we're going to add another perk right now. So I had a conversation with my wrist, this one, my right wrist, the wrist responsible for the creation of, of uh, artistically composed Hanklerfish, and uh, his, his perspective is that if he's going to create more of these, then, because he's already signed up to do 250. He said, "I will do 250, I will do no more." And I was like, "Okay, they'll probably sell out, and then I'll probably, we'll have a conversation with you at that point, but if you said no more that 250." So, now that we've sold out, I talked to him, and he was like, "Gya! I said, no more than 250!", and I'm like, "Come on, dude! You, you can do this, you can totally do this, it's gonna be fun, I'm gonna be watching TV while you do it." and he's like, "I'm not gonna be watching TV, I'm gonna be drawing Hanklerfish, and I'm gonna hurt!", and so I said, "Okay, well what, what will it take?" and he said, "Okay, I'll do 50 more, but we have to raise the price, cause I have to make sure that it feels worth it to me.", and I was like, "Hey, man, it's for charity. That sounds good to me. If, if, there's, there's a, you know, interest in them, and we're charging a little more, than that is fine," so we're gonna, so he, he decided to do 50 more, and we're gonna charge 10 mollar- 10 dol-... 10 mollars dorf for it, 10 dollars more for it, so it's going to be $70, we sold 250 at $60. (22:07)