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So...first of all, I'm sorry. Second...let's talk about failure for a long time.

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I wanted to talk about failure.

So, that's a good start. There have been a number of times in my professional career where I have failed at things.

The most spectucular of them, I mean, it's hard to say. You're always on a spectrum of failure, but I think probably the thing that I am most frustrated by is Wizard School. Which was a game - is a game - that I developed with a friend of mine with art by Karen(?~0:33) who's AMAZING and she did such an amazing job.

I was working with Eric who has developed games before, both in terms of like developing games that are fun to play and also getting them made and distributed and meeting deadlines. And I'm just, I never missed a deadline like that one. Lizzy (?~0:59) diaries we had some serious missed deadlines with the DVDs.

It has turned me off doing anything in that world heavily. And I feel very bad. We finally have the Wizard School Expanded Set, it's actually sitting over here, the cards are.

Part of why this took so long is that we developed new game mechanics that hopefully, for people who are dedicated to playing this game, make it a little easier to play, a little faster to play. There's like a summer school kind of, is the idea of it. There's like a summer time - there's summertime cards, like Imposter Syndrome and Ecology Camp.

This is all part of the Hank's Dirty Little Secrets pack, so it's got a bunch of cards that are somewhat specific to my highschool experience. Which I now realize was a very long time ago. There's a Spice Goats card.

The fact - it took a huge amount of time to do that. Part of that was in my camp. Just writing the cards took longer than expected.

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