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Ever wondered about the harmonious sounds of Crash Course Biology, Ecology, Psychology, and more? In this episode of Thought Cafe Today, Tyler sits down for a chat with sound designer and YouTube personality Michael Aranda, who works behind-the-scenes (and in front of the camera) for many beloved YouTube channels, including Crash Course.

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Tyler: Hey everyone, Tyler here for Thought Cafe and today we are on a special journey to Missoula Montana and we are hanging out with Michael Aranda. Hello (to Michael).

Tyler: So you do the sound design for Crash Course Science and all sorts of other youtube properties. Could you just rhyme off a couple for us?

Michael: I work for Crash Course and SciShow and sometimes Vlogbrothers, uh, I started The Brain Scoop with Hank and Emily and I worked on The Lizzie Bennent Diaries and I work on my own videos on my own 3 channels.

T: Well it's good we finally get to meet because we do all the animation for Crash Course and then we send over all our animation and what is it like when you get the link and all of a sudden there are these animations and you have to bring them to life with sound?

M: It is different things at different times because the animations kinda depend on what is being talked about in the episode and sometimes that lends itself too really complex things where there's explosions and um, Millennium Falcons and whatever else. And other times, the whole episode is just little terms popping up on the screen.
I think really good sound design is something that doesn't' necessarily calls attention to itself, um, it's just there so that people don't notice that it's not there. It's an exercise in subtlety, I think. Most of what I'm doing is trying to make the stuff sound natural while not getting in the way of what Hank's talking about..

T:..the learning

M: Yeah. 

T: Do you have a favorite moment of, uh, when you were just putting something together maybe