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We got a lot of pumpkins donated to us after Halloween.... what could we possibly do with all of them? Well put them in a pile and to see what the animals thought of them of course! We also gave a few of the animals one of their own to munch and play with back in their homes. After that we still had a bunch left over, but rest assured they didn't go to waste! The rest of them went into our compost pile to be become fertilizer to help our garden grow more food for the animals in years to come.

Lollipop the skunk loved the pumpkins. After she explored a bit, she crawling inside and started eating them from the inside out.

Seraphina the red fox didn't appreciate our attempt at enriching her. She wanted nothing to do with the strange shiny orange things. Later when we gave one to her in her home she did eat it eventually.

Cas the arctic fox didn't care about the food factor, what he really liked about them was that he could get a better view of the valley when he stood on them.

Chili Pepper the Patagonian cavy just really liked how that one stem smelled.

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Jessi: Rolling pumpkin!   (laughter)    Augusto: No other food in here, am I gonna... I'm not coming out. Jessi: I'm just going to stay here.   Jessi: Pumpkin overload, Lollipop?   (laughter)   Jessi: She doesn't want to touch 'em!   Jessi: Whoa!   (chuckles)   Augusto: Good job, buddy.   Jessi: I think he kind of likes it, flipping around.   Augusto: Good job, buddy.   Jessi: What do you think, buddy? Good smellin'?