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Kemosabe the prehensile-tailed porcupine, or coendou, loves his fruit including papaya. He lives at Animal Wonders and gives educational presentations about his unique species, wildlife, and conservation. Here's a look at him at night when he's most awake (nocturnal) and happy to interact with his keeper, Jessi Knudsen Castaneda. It's apparent I spent several hours with my infant son just prior to shooting this video with Kemo. I apologize for the baby talk, though Kemo doesn't seem to mind.

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Jessi: You gonna give me a high five?

Ohh! Good high five! And then chew on my hand...

Kemosabe: Eh he

Jessi: Yeah? Is that good stuff?

Kemosabe: Oh ey!

Jessi: Oh, I won't take your papaya, I promise. But I'm gonna pet your nose.

Kemosabe: Yein!

Jessi: Yeah, it's super soft.

Kemosabe: Eih.

Jessi: It is.

Kemosabe: Eih

Jessi: Hi.

Kemosabe: Eih.

Jessi: Hi! I see you. Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom.

Kemosabe: Eih!

Jessi: Hi, cutie patootie. Can I tickle you? I'm going to tickle you, I'm going to tickle you. I'm gonna get your belly. I'm gonna get it. Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle.

You don't mind now? No?

Kemosabe: More noises

Jessi: You've got a little pricklies. Pricklies down there. Whoever said that porcupines have soft bellies, they're lying. He has teeny tiny little quills under here. And you can just imagine, they feel like little needles if you get them in. Especially under your fingernails or something like that. Yeah. What do you think? Mmm, papaya juice.

Kemosabe: Eih, eh, eh.

Jessi: That's kind of gross, Kemo. Look at all of this. Look at all that all over your fa-- Look how dirty your hand is!

Not my finger! [Chuckles]

Here you go, little man. Yuck! Yuck!

[Kemosabe muttering]

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