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Lollipop the striped skunk loves to search and find her food, just like a skunk would in the wild. By providing Behavioral Enrichment, or BE, we are stimulating one, if not all five of her senses. The treats in a box stimulates her sense of smell, taste, and touch. It also makes her use her mental and physical capabilities to solve the situation she's in. We don't just give her treats in a box, we sometimes hide her entire diet in various boxes, blankets, paper, and other items. She loves to spend her time searching for just one more morsel of food. In the wild skunks spend all night smelling out and digging up their meals. We do our best to mimic their natural behaviors in captivity. You can see how excited she gets with the box diving behavior! Don't worry she's not starving, and she's not overweight, she just really really loves her food!

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It is time to eat food! Are you ready, Lollipop?   We are going to feed Lollipop and she loves to explore for her food, so we're going to give her some behavioral enrichment and let her have fun. Ready? Let's eat!   Let's see what she does to see if she can find that. [Laughs]   You can see that she loves her food. [Laughs]    She's in there chomping down, she's eating papaya and liver treats right now.  And she has just flat out dove in head-first. [Laughs]   Is that good stuff, Lollipop?    So this is what we would do with her to keep her interested in finding her food.    What did I put in here?     Nice work.   Silly skunk.   Nice work! [Claps]   Let's see if she can figure out -- how to --    Oh my goodness. [Laughs]   So that little box was a little bit small. Let's try a different box.   Here we go, Lollipop. Are you ready? On your marks, get set, go!     [Laughs]  In the box! We have a skunk in a box. And she has wedged herself in there eating all her fun little treats.    On your marks, get set, go!    Skunk in a box.     Lollipop, do you like your food?   That's a pretty shot.    Here, there's some more treats over here!  What about in your tube again? Oh...oh! Nice stretching!   So B.E. is good not only for their physical enrichment, but also for their mental enrichment.   You had a fun time, huh, Lollipop. You having fun?    If you want to learn more about these awesome animals, check out the doobly-doo for our Facebook and website.     Seriously, subscribe.