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In which Hank talks about his recent visit to his NPR affiliate, and recording an interview for All Things Considered.

Brent and Jessica


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HANK: Good morning, John, it's Friday.

You know where I am, but the Nerdfighters may have to guess. I, I'm wearing very expensive headphones - that's a good clue. And I've got a backdrop behind me that looks like it's probably...

HANK [talking to John on phone]: Hello, John! You're in my ears. I'm videotaping myself.

They can't hear you but they can hear me. Yes, I'm literally videotaping myself with the video camera right now. I've decided to make a video about this...for today.

Yeah, so we can publicize it. Yeah, mhm. It, it's a very fancy here.

There's a...well, I wouldn't call it fancy. It's very wire-y. I also wanted to say in this video 'Thank you to our 15,000th subscriber'.

I think the lighting here is better than in my television studio in the basement. I look quite good. I think I'm gonna come here to tape all my videos.

They don't actually know why I'm here yet, and I'm gonna give them another clue [shifts camera to show microphone], which is that there's a big microphone in front of my face. There's an engineer, which, which also helps. HANK [back in his basement, talking to audience]: So I think with that number of clues you had figured out that I was at a radio station, but you don't know which radio station I was at.

But it turns out that I was at my NPR affiliate and John was at his NPR affiliate so that we could record an interview for the Nerdfighteriest radio program in existence - All Things Considered. It's like, uh, it's like being Knighted. That's how I feel.

This is like the nerd version getting knighted. Like, NPR is the queen of nerds and she is just like bonk-bonk [makes knighting gesture]. (Indistinguishable)...little bit excited about that. At the time I might not have seemed excited and that is because I was scared out of my mind.

But now I'm excited because it's over and they just, they're gonna do what they can with what they got of us. And they're gonna be playing it tomorrow - Sunday - at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. So if it's Sunday, which it very well may be, you should go, uh, turn on your radio because in, like, no time at all there will be John and I on All Things Considered.

Sometimes people have different All Things Considered times based on how your affiliate does things, but it's generally 5 o'clock. But check your local listings! Yeah, we'll be putting a link to it on as soon as it's up, so if you miss it, it's not the end of the world.

And, uh, welcome to anyone who is watching this, uh, who found us through NPR. John and I are obviously not worthy of the honor that has been bestowed upon us, but we hope that you will accept, uh, this for what it is. Coming soon!

There will be lots of puppy-sized elephants, more from the Detroit Auto Show, finally I will exhibit the contents of the tritube and, yes, there will be more from the Denver International Airport. [Singing] "Taking the hobbits to Isengard". And I do want to say thank you to our 15,000th subscriber. 15,'s not an easy word to say. I looked them up and found them and it's pretty cool.

There's two of them - it's Brent and Jessica.'s a link in the sidebar, of course. Thank you very much for being our 15,000th SUBSCRIBER! [Mumbling] I mean, I don't's like the size of a small city here.

And, John, I will see you soon, I think. With puppy-sized elephants. CAMEO: Meow! [END]