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In which Hank and Katherine and Michael discuss right and wrong.

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(Intro: I'm so bad at game!)

Michael: Have you ever thought about maybe- maybe Bowser isn't actually abducting the princess, but shes like having an affair with Bowser?

Hank: She spends an awful lot of time with him and doesn't seem to try hard to get back.

Michael: Yeah

Hank: But I don't know, like, what kind of girl would be into that? 

Katherine: What?

Michael: There are people who are into anything.

Katherine: Seriously.

Hank: Like maybe Bowser's taking Peach back from Mario who abducted her in the first place and we, in this game, are spending all of our time abduct- like re-abducting Peach from her lawful husband. 

Katherine: No

(Michael laughing)

Katherine: Nope

Hank: I mean, what girl would want to be with a, like just a, what princess would want to be with a plumber if she could be with the king of koopa's?

Michael: I mean, how many times has she been abducted? This is like, what, the thirteenth time? 

Hank: 17, yeah

Michael: So after the first 6, you think if she didn't really like it, she would take precautions or something.

Katherine: So those letters are just misdirection.

Hank: So, are you- are you victim blaming?

Michael: This is now making me uncomfortable.