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The server is maxed...sorry everyone. We're trying to up the number but it was crashing pretty regularly before we even got to 200. We're working on fixes...

The IP is contained in the video...but we want you to watch the video before you get on the server.

Basic rules

1. On the main map you can only build either on a plot that you purchase (and then only you can edit it). Or outside of towns (which is liable to be undone for various reasons.)
2. On the creative map, you can do whatever you want within your 128x128 plot.
3. You get money by mining the mine world and killing bad guys.
4. You can sell stuff you mine at the bank.
5. Be nice


1. Must be 124 x 124
2. Build it on your creative plot
3. Be creative and make it welcoming

Winner will receive!
1. A free plot anywhere they'd like on the server.
2. Free posters, CDs, and a shirt from DFTBA Records
3. If you want it, a mayorship of an on-server town. (but only if you're ready for a lot of work.)
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