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In which John shows off his pink eye and sings about the importance of putting stuff on your head.


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A Bunny
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(squinting his left eye due to a case of pink eye) Good morning, Hank. It's Wednesday, March 21st. I assume you don't want to look at my eye for the next three minutes, so let's find something else to do. First, we're gonna look at these beautiful pictures that the guide shot inside the abandoned cathedral, I mean theater, in Detroit. (another picture) They do a much better job showing what it was like to be inside than the video does. (another picture) Thanks to the guide at for these pictures.

And finally, Hank, I've been thinking of what you should do when you've had a long day that's kind of been bad, and your eye hurts, and it's weepy and gross and no one wants to be near you and everyone looks at you funny. And it seems to me that the answer is simple. You just take stuff...

(with a box of Shredded Spoonfuls over his head) And you put it on your head! Wait, where's the camera...where am I? Put it on your head!


(with a green laptop case on head) When you're sad and you've got pink-eye,

(a blue and while bowl) the world seems rough and suck levels are high,

(a pair of tan argyle socks) just remember there's one thing that you can do.

(a copy of An Abundance of Katherines) And it always works, too.

(a map of Manhattan) You've gotta put stuff on your head, put stuff on your head.

(a blue tote bag) Well, it can be blue

(a red pair of shorts) or it can be red.

(a copy of mental_floss) The color doesn't matter if it's on your head!

(a picture of Woody Guthrie) Attach a photo of Woody right on to your melon,

(a Christmas stocking with a reindeer) or affix a Christmas stocking to your cerebellum.

The only rule of thumb is don't use a plastic bag...'cause that could go really wrong.

(the blue tote bag) You gotta put stuff on your head, put stuff on your head.

Well, it could be blue

(the top of a Scrabble box) or it could be red.

(the Christmas stocking) The color doesn't matter if it's on your head! Thank you New York!

What's on your head?

(the red shorts) Hank, I'll see you tomorrow.