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In which Hank talks more about Stuff on your Head, misprinted business cards and assigns john a book.


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(Hank has a box made of misprinted EcoGeek business cards on his head) Good morning, John. It's Thursday, March 22nd. I just mixed a Misprinted Business Card Utilization idea with putting stuff on my head. Now all I have to do is put a misprinted business card in my pants and then put my pants on my head. Hmmm? (holds up box; puts box in pants; puts pants on head) So, I haven't figured out what I'm gonna talk about today. Well, first I have to show you how I made this misprinted business card utilization idea. And second, I think I'm going to talk about the continuation of the Brotherhood 2.0 Book Club. (pants slide off head; shakes head)

A very long time ago a commenter suggested that I make a cube out of my misprinted business cards. And I thought he was kind of crazy. But then I realized all I needed was a little magic. (waves fingers in midair; business cards fly up and form into a perfect box) Okay, actually he sent me to a tutorial. You need six business cards. You actually will eventually need twelve, but start with six. They all have to be the exact same size, which is fine for me because all of mine are the same size.

Then, you take one and you bend it over the other (demonstrates). You end up with these little cups. You have to combine them using a lot of manual dexterity. Put them together (builds box) This is half the cube...this is when it starts to get really hard. Get this on camera because you have to hold everything while you're doing it. one more piece and the cube will be done. Voila! Suddenly a surprisingly sturdy cube. Now, this is kind of ugly. What the tutorial advises is that you use these flappy things, here and here, and you use other little cups that you've made, and you slide them into your flappy things like so (demonstrates). Your face becomes a flat, pretty face instead of these tabby, ugly faces. So, now you just do that six times, and you've got this! (complete box) This is a beautiful little EcoGeek cube, that I've used now in my intros to my EcoGeek videos, which you will soon be able to see on

Now, everyone knows that I had to read We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with our Families. You didn't have to read anything because the book I made you read was your book that you were writing because you needed to finish your book because you were past your deadline. Plus, all the people who watch Brotherhood 2.0 are John Green fans, and I think they would all hate me if I stood between you and finishing your book. So I've decided that you should read (holds the book up) World Changing: A User's Guide to the 21st Century. Yes, it is this big. Yes, I am kidding. I considered having you read The God Delusion, but I think maybe that would be a little too inflammatory. So, instead, I'm asking you to read Bill McKibben's new book, Deep Economy. Because I run EcoGeek, I'm getting a free copy of Deep Economy, and I'll be reading it too because I'm probably going to be interviewing the author for my website. And it'd be good to know what the book's about first, and I'd like to talk about it with you before the interview, if possible, before the interview.

(with a tan purse on his head) Thank you to everyone who has taken my plea to put stuff on your heads so seriously. I really do believe that this is, at least in part, an opportunity to decrease Worldsuck. (turns head sideways) I look like a Trojan! (raises arm, pretending to carry a spear, trumpets) Doo-doo-doo-doo!

I hope you all won't think I'm selfish when I say this. I mean, it's great to see John with dumb stuff on his head, and I do like putting stuff on my own head, but I kind of want to see stuff on your head. So maybe we could set something up where people could send us pictures of stuff on their heads. And videos, and videos of stuff on their heads! And people doing stuff while stuff is on their heads! Yes, yes, I think this is a good idea. Anyhow, I'll see ya' morrow.