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In which Hank discusses The Office and becoming stupider with age (and puts stuff on his head).


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A Bunny
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Good morning, John. It's Tuesday, March 20th, and I have begun watching The Office.

(Listens to theme song for the US version and dances along.)

I like The Office! I...I am on Team Pam! I haven't met Karen yet, definitely so far am a fan of Pam. In fact, maybe too much of a fan, as I've been watching it with Katherine and repeatedly telling her how much a fan I am of Pam. But it's okay, right? I mean, I can think of four guys right off the top of my head that Katherine has crushes on that she's never met. Eddie Izzard, Christian Bale, Edward Martin, Hugh Jackman, Hugh Grant. Wait, was...was that five?

Your little building excursion got me thinking. It was also my experience with the punk-rock Peep-eating. Now, a lot of people say that, as you get older, you get smarter, you mature, you start doing less stupid things. And those same people say that young people are stupid. But those people must have never met your guide or Kurt, the punk-rock Nerdfighter. Kurt and the guide were ready for experiences.

Things may be a little bit out of the ordinary, maybe even a little bit illegal. Illegal experiences I do not condone. When the opportunity presents itself, why ignore something new, something interesting, something different? And I'm proud of you for fighting your fear and going ahead and chasing after that experience.

I'm starting to very seriously consider the prospect that, as you get older, you get stupider, incrementally, every year, stupider and stupider. What I mean is that maybe you have a bad experience, or...or you put your values in all the wrong places, and you end up really consciously avoiding anything that might be fun.

I mean, go to any Walmart in America and watch what happens. The little kids put things on their heads, run around, act silly, do stupid things. And then their parents are like, “Billy, you can't do that in Walmart! This is just not the place for having fun!” You know what? I think we should all be at Walmart, putting stuff on our heads!

​(Has a polka dot gift bag on his head.) We need to take a cue from the four-year-olds of the world. Putting things on your head is fun! Fun is good for you! There's no Walmart police force telling you not to put things on your head!

More than a dozen people completely ignored me when I was sitting on the street giving away Peeps. What I felt like I was saying was, “Here, this is something different, something that doesn't generally happen to you in your normal day. Take this strangeness, this experience, and have some fun with it!” Kurt heard me loud and clear. But that's not what most of the people heard. They heard something like, “I'm weird, and weird people are dangerous.”

If you find yourself getting older and less silly, do something about it. Put something on your head! Do it. Put it on your head!

​I'll see you tomorrow.