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Yes, this IS the video that I uploaded last week. Yes, it DID get taken down, and yes I DID deserve it. You can check out the video I totally stole from without providing any attribution at all here:

So, yeah, this is just that video again and without the content I stole because I didn't want there to be a hole in the archive.


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Good morning, John!

>> Hey! Me from the future! This video got taken down 'cause I used some copyrighted stuff in it. I shouldn't've done that! So I'm re-uploading it, without that stuff in it, because I didn't want there to be a hole in the Vlogbrothers archives.  John's video will be out soon! 

>> You were recently making fun of my new hairstyle. Which is fine, because we're brothers, and that's what brothers do. But coming right back at you John, I gotta say: WHAT IS THIS? WHAT? WHY? Come on, we've been doing this for 8 years, do you have no sense of composition?! You gotta bunch of stuff on the wall over here, nicely placed and visually interesting without being distracting — AND THEN BWOM, NOTHING. Blank space, baby. Help us John, help free us from the scourge of the nothing, Artax is dead and you need to name the childlike empress, BASTION, CALL MY NAME! Are the new viewers gone yet? (0:41)

Some friends of mine — they have a YouTube channel where they play board games while being drunk — they play this improv game called "that's not my name". You know the song that this is based on, [breaks into song] They call me hell, they call me Janet, they call me Stacy, they call me Earl... That song? I don't know what the actual names are. The idea of the game is you go around in a circle and you sing that song, with the "that's not my name" [clap clap pause clap] "that's not my name" in it, and then the next person has to do it and they have to come up with different names to put in... It's really fun. So if ever you're bored, it's a fun thing to do; Katherine and I do it all the time. [breaks into song] They call me Brian, they call me Nargle, the call me Am...ber, they call me Jeff, that's not my name.  None of those are my names. (1:20)

I used to think that butterflies were pretty much just caterpillars that had had some modifications made to them. But it turns out that caterpillars actually just sort of turn into this, like, liquid, soupy, organic goop inside of the cocoon and then reform entirely into butterflies. And that's not even the weird part. The weird part is that caterpillars can be taught to fear smells and then they turn into that goop, turn into butterflies, and the butterflies remain afraid of those smells. (1:41)


>> 2015 was red-lined.
>> HANK: You guys work so hard.
>> I know.
>> This is Cally Awesome Sauce, he needed to go in a different tank, 'cause... he's a murderer!
That was too long.
>> Yeah.
>> HANK: I'm going to cut all of that.
>> MAN 1: Hah!
>> [laughs] I'm going to use that.

Crash Course studio.
This is my pile of shirts. I always need one of those.
(2:03) Sci-shooooow... Hi everybody. No way we can see all of you with that speed. There's too many of you! There are 40 Nic Cages in here?
>> WOMAN 1: One there...
>> HANK: You just have one?
>> WOMAN 2: Yeah, that's all I need, really.
>> HANK: I'm glad you keep him close by, though.
That's creepy, ah-ha, that's awful.

(2:19) Stupid CrashCourse is up the stupid stairs now.
Hi, Abby.
Giving people a tour of our s...offices.
>> MAN 2 (off screen): ...the thank you video we need from you? >> HANK: No! no! Hehe, I should be doing that though.
(2:30) Hi Blake. I'm just showing everybody the office.... Good job!

(2:35) (whispering) They're so quiet.
>> MAN 3 (whispering): Why are you doing this?

(2:39) >> VidCon!
>> MAN 4 (off screen): Shower.
(2:41) >> MAN 5 (off screen): When we say "Get out, poop man," we don't mean you.

(2:42) >> HANK: I was recently thinking about Vladimir Putin and how he's probably not just ordered people to be killed, but actually physically killed people himself... and then I thought, you know, probably, US presidents have also killed people, so I looked it up. And it turns out lots of US presidents have killed people, but mostly in combat.

There are only two US presidents who definitely killed people outside of combat situations. And they are: Andrew Jackson, who killed a guy in a duel, but only after that guy shot him in the chest — a bullet that would remain near his heart for the rest of his life — and Grover Cleveland, who as the sheriff of Erie County personally carried out two executions of murderer s, even though he could have paid a deputy $10 apiece to do it for him. Grover Cleveland, very Ned Stark of you.(3:20)

They call me Bobby, they call me, they call me ni...ce guy, they call me fa...ncy, that's not my name.(3:28)

John, I think my hair looks good... and GET A NEW POSTER! I'll see you on Tuesday.

 "Snapchat Theater" (3:32)

Snapchat Recipe:
Cut open da squash!
Then you gotta scoop-a da goop out!
That looks nice.
Puttin' on-- SAAAAALT!
And den ya fliiip 'em. You fliiip 'em.
(ramble) Then you remember that you should've started preheating the oven when-- the first thing, and you did it, like, the eighth step instead.
(3:47) [rhythmically] Then you gotta put these buddies in the oven. [singing] Put them in the oven, don't burn yourself!
[talking] And then be very quiet, for about 45 minutes while they cook, or else they'll be shy about cooking.
Thank you, butternut squash, for your life, and I'm going to consume your flesh.