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What's "sherbert" and how many Hughes are there?

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CC Kids:
Nick: Action!

Hank: Oh, my, that's new.

N: Abby!

H: Go see your dad...stretch... (laughing)

Last week we talked about how brain function is localized, and this is another peculiarly exa-ex-exampalant-ex, of that.
Because the specific sliver of his brain respomble for face-ble, face-ble

I probably can't even smell half of what you can smell. No. No. We have different senses. (kissing noises) Yeah. (laughing)
I'm gesturing too much for you. You're like "Are you petting me? No, you're just waving them around."

But it's not linear, like, if I see a tiny star and it's just a tiny--are you going to go away? Is it time for Abby to go?
Or if you're looking elsewhere maybe you see a coffee cup or a corgi or a scary clown holding a piece of a tiny cream pie okay. (laughing)

Now light has all kinds of fascinating characteristics that determine how we sense it, but for the furpose-- but for the furposes, furposes, furposes.

Boop boop booot do do boo doo doo boop boop booot do do boo doo doo.

The way we, the way, the way we register the brightness of a color, the contrast between the orange of sherbert and the orange of a construction cone--

Michael: You called "sherbet" "sherbert."

H: I called "sherbert" "sherbet"?

M: You called "sherbet" "sherbert."

H: It's "sherbert".

N: I pronounce it "sherbert" as well, but it's supposed to be pronounced "sherbet."

H: No. It's "sherbert."
"Sherbert" is the word of, we're talking about the same thing, like the icy ice cream but it's not ice cream stuff?

N: Yeah, orange sherbert.

H: Sherbert?

Voice: I say "sherbert."

H: I say "sherbert" 'cause it is sherbert.

M: A frozen sweet dessert made from a fruit or fruit juices.

H: Sherbert with an "r"?

M: No.

H: Well, type in sherbert with an "r."

M: Your timer has crashed. (laughing)

H: The computer can't even handle it.

M: Yeah, if you type in "sherbert" it redirects you to "sherbet."

H: No. But it's--

M: I typed in "sherbert." It took me to "sherbet."

H: Okay, did you type it into the dictionary? Type it into Google. Ask Google about sherbert.

M: Sherbert may refer to "sherbert," an alternate spelling of "sherbet," an iced dessert containing both fruit juice and between 1% and 2% low fat milk.

H: So sherbert is a thing?

M: Eh, sure.

H: But, like, why on earth would I have known my whole life that it's "sherbert" if it's not--it's just a regional, it's gotta be just a regional thing.

And, just as you'd expect a lens to do, it projects these-(electronic device noise)

Our rod detec-our rod, our rod- you and me, we share one.
Our rods detect black ip--ip.

And the human eye is terrific at seeing color. Our difference threshold for colors is so exceptional that the average person can distinguish a million different hues.

How many hues are there?

Voice: Hugh Dancy, Hugh Darcy, Hugh-

H: -Jackman, Hugh from The Next Generation-

Sax's face-blindness is congenital, but propo-prose, but it can-may, but it may also, but it- it- (bleep).

That clown is frowning and running toward me with a tiny cream pie. Tiny cream pie, huh? Okay. I'm coming.

Look at, look I, look at this, look at this dude, his hands could, ham hands could-

The way we- the way we weh- the way we register, the way we, the way we, the way we register, the way, the way we register the way we- that's a hard one. Just spat on you.

Voice: It's OK.

H: Which we typically describe in deci...(bleep), deci-(bleep).

But taste is nothing without smell. Plug your nose and mouth mlnlllr

Right next to our emotional registry, the amygdala, and our memory keeper, the hypo-campo-campocap. The hypohippohi-pohippohi.
And our memory keeper, the hypoca- hyocampus, (bleep) it's a hippo, it's a hippocampus. Ugh.

We're all about touching. We've got songs about magic, and gold, and invisible human tou-what the (bleep)... (laughing)

Smelling, hear- smelling, hearing, tasting, and seeing- I don't know, I don't know where I was- how I was, what I was thinking there.

It's that what that-ack-(ack-ing and caw-ing).

Seeing- feelings is, no.

Smelling, hearing, smelling, hearing- (coughing)

Smelling, hearing, tasting, and seeing, all fantaspic, fantaspic.

And some studies indicate that children who didn't receive enough physical, physical, physical, physical,

With something soft, like this anglerfish plushie, or a warm mug, or an ice cube, you'll find that each of you airs ah hahst, ah frick, ahs, it just tickles, experience wetness, just sensations.

Get your brain in the game, Hank.

Understanding exactly how we get fooled helps us understand how our llllllllllll.

Except, that in reality, several variety of roses do not have thorns. Both the good and the bad - on occasion- tragically die young, fats, fats? Fats.

Now, you should see both of them, but likely, your brain wants to perceive the image related to whichever cue you first heard or whichever image is more familiar to you. By cuing mammal or bird, I influenced your expectations, and I can read much faster than this.

And the surroundings, or ground, that thathathathathathatha
That hits your retinas as a two-dimensional image, yet sometau, sometau, (laughing) (bleep). My mouth is broken.

For example, relative size allows you to determine that your crush is not supporting a tiny newborn Chihuahua on their shoulder, but rather there is a full grown Chihuahua behind, eh, in the back of the room. (bleep) 

Relative size allows you to determine that your crush is not supporting a tiny newborn Chihuahua on their shoulder, but rather there is a full grown Chihuahua in the back roo-(slapping)

Finally, our interposition, or overlap cue, tells us when one object, like this over here blocks our view of something else, your crush will appear as a differ-what

Like, your brain gauges motion based on, based, (hissing)

It's like your senses are just collecting a bunch of Legos, and with them, your brain can build and rebuild whatever it perceives into a party or duck or Chihuahua, to look like (laughter)

What's something that we all experience all the time that we can't really measure and barely have words to define?
Oh that was-there was a rhyme. I didn't even notice it until I did it that way. (laughing)

It's this awareness that allows us to take in and organize information from many sources and senses at once. (laughing)

Or be physiologically a-aaaaahhh.

All of your senses combined are scooping up nearly eleven million (ringtone) oh no. Why?

Voice: It wasn't my phone!

H: Oh, I'm over my text message limit.

In terms of visual attention, think of it like a, think of it like a, think of it like a, think of it, think of it, think of it,

In terms of visual attention, think of it like a spotlight on a biggy- biggydage

What? Around you and on that stage many of which your automatic sub-processor brain is covertly registering. (sigh)

Your socks or your feet or your butt or whatever I talk about, your tongue in your mouth, isn't it weird that you have a tongue in your mouth, and it's like filling up your mouth with tongue, llllll, and you'll never forget.

When you shift your primary selective attention from driving to to LMAO OMG nyahh.

When you shift your primary selective attention from driving to OMG LOLOLOLOLOL. (Laughing) Is that good?

When you shift your primary selective attention from driving to o...

When you shift your primary selective attention from driving to
omg lololololol you're also unlit-unlittingly; we'll get there. Let's just do it a thousand times, it'll be fine.

You also unwittingly activate your selective inattention, which means that you failed to see that cyclist that you almost ran over which would not- It's gonna get there. We're gonna do it. It's gonna happen. Stop looking at me like that.

Bino- binocular visual cues, as the name gives away, require the use of both seveveada.

Voice: That's okay, let's go back.

H: All the way back.

That figure ground dynamic, though, is always there.

Voice: Yes.


H: I did not say the words that were on the screen, but, yes.