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Happy Independence Day, America! Feast your eyes on the traditional Indianapolis office hot dog eating contest!

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CC Kids:
John Green: Hi, I'm John Green and this is not Crash Course. Today we're celebrating July 4th here at the Crash Course studios, which is why I'm wearing my Costa Rica shirt.

To celebrate the United States today, we're having our annual hot dog eating contest here at the Crash Course Indianapolis studios. Pretty simple contest: How many hot dogs can you eat in 4 minutes? The winner wins the Golden Fork. But really, it's not about money or the Golden Fork, or the non-existent cash prize. It's about national pride.

John Green: Hi. I'm John Green, I'm the host of Crash Course, mental_floss, Vlogbrothers, sometimes the Art Assignment.

Sarah Green: I'm Sarah Urist Green, I'm host of the Art Assignment.

Aaron Carroll: I'm Aaron Carroll, I'm the writer and host of Healthcare Triage.

Stan Muller: My name's Stan Muller, and I work on pretty much everything we make here.

Mark Olsen: Hi, my name's Mark Olsen, and I direct the Art Assignment and mental_floss.

Meredith Danko: I'm Meredith Danko, I'm the head writer of mental_floss, and I'm the assistant manager of the AFC Wimbly-Womblys.

Brandon Brungard: I'm Brandon Brungard, I'm the video editor for mental_floss, Crash Course, and the Art Assignment.

Paige Finch: I'm Paige Finch and I'm an intern.

Jack Stanton: My name is Jack Stanton, I'm the intern here.

Alex: (Sits on chair)

JG: I'm super confident that I'm not going to win, but I'm also confident that I am not going to be last.

SG: I'm not a professional eater. I like to eat, but I like to do it slowly.

AC: Nah, I don't think very good. I'll do better than ninth.

SM: The good old fashion gut pack is long been a skill that I've had.

MO: What gives me confidence this year is knowing that no matter who wins, we all actually lose together.

MD: My confidence level's very high, even though I have re-watched last year's and I know everyone made fun of me because I said I was going to do well and I didn't. Still very high.

BB: I haven't eaten in, like, 20 hours or so, so I'm pretty hungry, so I think I'll do pretty well.

PF: I am pretty positive that I'm going to lose.

JS: I've been training for this my entire life.

(Hard to tell who says what due to mouths full of hot dogs)
John: Alright
(Laughter, moaning)
Various : Ewww, Oh my God, I wish I had blinders that was        disgusting,
JG: You married me
JG Worried about Jack,
    We have 3 minutes,
    My jaws are getting tired
    First of all these hot dogs taste awesome
SG: He's the competition.
    I already beat last year
JG: You can do it better, come on you can do it
BB I'm starting to get sweaty
    It's the lights
    John's gonna break his (...)
    You ate like a hot dog and a half
What's the reversal of fortune time limit?
Before the four minutes.
Effective immediately?
    ... for the title
    Ok Meredith?
One minute left!
    At some point you realize you can't possibly win
Narrator: You have 34 seconds left.
It's what's in your mouth when the timer goes?
I don't know
?: I can't swallow it
    Take it, dad, take it.
Go, daddy, go!
N: You have 18 seconds left
    10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Timer is done!

JG: Stan, it is my privilege and also my responsibility to give you the Golden Hot Dog.

(Everyone claps and cheers)