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Host 1:Connections 2014 welcome to the CEO of the Sales Force Exact Target Marketing Cloud- Mr. Scott McCorkle!

Host 2: Right here!

McCorkle: Thank you sir.

Host 2: Welcome Scott.

McCorkle: Good morning.

Hello everybody. We made it. Day 3! How has Connections been? Good? All right. Well we appreciate all your feedback, we look forward to more, and Connections is just getting better today. I have the honor this morning to introduce out next speaker, John Green. And John's list of accomplishments are large. So let me summarize a few for you here. You know that John is a bestselling author whose book The Fault in Our Stars was recently made into a major motion picture, it was just released on DVD this month. Grossed more than $120 million. And John has a new book called Paper Towns that is currently being filmed, which is really really cool. At one point this past year John has 4 books that were simultaneously on the New York Times Bestselling List. John was very gracious to give me some time to meet him and get to know him yesterday, and also to allow my 17 year old daughter Sarah to meet him. The first words out of Sarah's mouth was -- (shocked face) When she regained the ability to speak, the first word out of her mouth were how much she loves Crash Course.

And John is really a video blogging sensation, which is how many of us know and got to know John. And Crash Course- 2.2 million subscribers, it's used in classrooms throughout the country, and really presents world history in a fun and entertaining way and I really got a kick out of that being the first words out of my daughter's mouth, I didn't expect that. I expected Fault of Stars.

John has many many more YouTube sensations, including Vlog-Brothers, which he does with his brother Hank, 2.3 million subscribers, and they call themself Nerdfighters, because they fight for intellectualism and world betterment. Again, the list is long, I can't wait to hear from John this morning, so John, if we could please welcome you, everyone, John Green!


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