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Hannah: Ah, Hank! It was so nice of you to shrink before coming on my channel again.

Hank: Yea, well I figured that this just wasn't gonna work out otherwise.

Thanks by the way for standing while I sit.

(Tunesday intro plays)

Hannah: Since you are the extra special guest, you get to pick: Do you wanna go first or second?

Hank: I wanna go...I'll go first-

Hannah: yes!

Hank: -'cause otherwise I'll just be sitting here nervous.

Hannah: Yea, you'll just be nervous the whole time. Diving in head first, you're doing great: you're question comes to us from Katie bear one two one three zero one. 

Hank: Thanks Katie!

Hannah: If you were born in 2001, I'm really old.

Hank: Owl-ed

Hannah: Owwwl-ed

Hank: -owl on your face when you say that?

Hank and Hannah: Owl-ed!

Hannah: Your question is: What is your worst habit?

(Music starts playing)

Hank: Is it just gonna keep doing this for (music changes) oh!

Hank (singing): When you feel like something's gross
and it's all up in your head
when you're having such fun
and you can't quite go to bed
well you suddenly feel an itch inside
and it's like "Oh god! I gotta get out!"

Hannah: Yeah! Yeah!

Hank (singing): so you pull out your finger
stick it into your nose

Hannah: oh!

Hank (singing): and you're like, "Aaah, god!"

Hannah: (laughing)

Hank: What? What's wrong?

Hannah: That was amazing! You are really good at Tunesday!

Hank: Really?!

Hannah: Yeah! But also, he picks his nose.

Hank: Yeah. No, I have- I think I just have more incrustation than the average person.

Hannah: (laughs)

Hank: And I have to breathe!

Hannah (singing): The more you no-se!

Hank: (Laughs) It never gets old! Okay.

Hannah: Alright, but you have to say...

Hank: Hannah... zero seven slayer ninety-eight: "What do you do if you're with someone, but your feelings for your ex won't go away?"

Hannah: (disgusted noise)

(music starts playing)

Hannah (singing): Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, yeah. We got it, we got it, we got it, we got it, we got it!

when you're dating somebody way too soon after a relationship
that's what's happening to you right now
you really shouldn't have dated someone else yet
you really should have waited 'til you were over your ex

(talks) You're fucked. What are you doing?

Hank: (laughs) Uh, yea. It's...I feel like now I wanna give her-

Hannah: Real life advice?

Hank: -advice. Yeah.

Hannah: Yeah. Let's do it. Hey!

Hank: You're young.

Hannah: There's a lot of fish in the sea.

Hank: And like, feelings take time to fade.

Hannah: Imagine this, Katie. Imagine you've picked your nose, and it's bleeding everywhere. (Hank laughs) You can't move on until the bleeding has stopped. So, let yourself heal first. Next question! This come to us from KT-oh-log: How do you do science? Oooh!

(music starts playing)

Hank: Oh yeah!

Hannah: I love this!

Hank: You know what you wanna do?

Hannah: Yeah!

Hank: Science.

Hank (Singing): when the night time comes and you're like "what?! It's like dark! And I don't know what to do now. Iiiiiiiiae (laughs)


Hannah (singing): Oooh! Yeah!

Hank (singing): What about supernova?

Hannah (singing): Super-great!

Hank (singing): Care about the world!
And go to school!

Hannah (singing): Be curious about things!
Not just what's inside your nose. (laughs)

Okay, next question!

Hank: Next question! Chlxye-

Hannah: I barely knew-sly

Hank: Uh, would like to ask: What is green?

Hannah: ...Got it!

(music starts playing)

Hannah (singing): What is green?
Green is red
just kidding, it's the opposite!

Hank and Hannah: (laugh)

Hannah (singing): I was thinking Red Vs. Blue
Green is blue and yellow together
they're bed-fellows
they make a new prism color
it's a one that you can see in your mind
you see it all the time
but it's made up of other things
and it's just perception, yeah!
in different light, it'd be a different color
doesn't that totally fuck with your brain?

Hank: (laughing) Five stars!

Hannah: (laughing) I mean...

Hank: That was impressive!

Hannah: Thanks, thanks. Remember that time I said, "It's red!"?

Hannah and Hank: (laughing)

Hannah: So then at one point I...

Hank: That was the best part!

Hannah: When I opened it with "It's red!"

Hank: What is green? It's red!

Hannah: (laughs) yeah

Hank: So it was like...I don' fine...sure!

Hannah: Okay! Alright, Hank, you will be happy to know, we are on your last question!

Hank: Okay! I'm addicted to Tunesday!

Hannah: Thank you. Subscribe. Have you ever been over at someone's house and then you very embarrassingly realize you're not subscribed to their channel?

Hank: (laughs)

Hannah: Hank, your final question is from Yousah?...YouLeesa?... Yulissa Owb asks: What can I talk about with new people in school?

Hank: Oh! That's a great question.

Hannah: Ooooh hoo hoo, here you go!

(music starts playing)

Hank (singing): When you're going back to school
you don't wanna look like a fool
you don't wanna be covered in drool
you wanna, like, look cool
so you gotta ask the right questions
you gotta get in their head
but not like this way (mimes picking his nose)
you gotta give 'em something to say
like something to say!
you gotta ask them about themselves
the things that they'e into
whether it's Sherlock
or whatever
or maybe even Doctor Who
ask them about YouTubers!

Hank: It's true! That's the thing you gotta do! Like...That's the...that's...what' What are you... What do you reblog on Tumblr? Like, that's the question.

Hannah: That is the question. Do you know what Tumblr is? No? Well-

Hank: Well, I'll see you... It's not gonna work out.

Hannah: -we're out of the We're out. Bye. Chow.

Hank: It's a good way to, uh, spend some time thinking about not yourself. People like to talk about themselves. And if you let them, you learn things. Which is why one of the greatest negotiation strategies I've ever- I've ever learned is just to not talk. 

Hannah: One of my favorite negotiation strategies is this: (nods) okay.

Hank: Yeah. Like I, I wanna, I wanna make this stop-

Hannah: You wanna start makin' me promises.

Hank: Yeah! I do.

Hannah: Yeah.

Hank: And also, like we understand that...yeah.

Hannah: Okay.

Hank: Yeah, we're- we're business people!

Hannah: And that's how you make friends.

Hank: sex-farts.

Hannah: (laughs)

Ok, last question from...what?

Hank: FatTerrence? Wants to ask... I think it may be Fat Terrence. 

Hannah: Oh no.

Hank: He wants to know how to be happy!

Hannah: Aw, Fat Terrence! Stop making all your handles "Fat Terrence", first of all! Unless you are proud to be fat! No body shaming! 

(music starts playing)

Hannah (singing): Ooooh! Fat Terrence! Or FatTerrence.

Hannah: Really hope I didn't mess that one up.

Hannah (singing): How to be happy's a question on everyone's mind
happiness is a chemical thing that happens in your head
makes you dance and sing
gives you lots of dopamine
on the scene
don't wanna be green

Hank: Or red

Hannah (singing): Haaaa... yeah, or red.

Hannah: Shit. What is happiness?

Hank: (laughs) Seriously!

Hannah: Shit.

Hank: This is a terrible question.

Hannah: Okay.

Hank: I mean, it's not a terrible question-

Hannah: I mean...I don't even...that's...

Hank: -it's a very difficult question. It's, uh. it's very hard. It's, uh, it's hard.

Hannah: That's really hard.

Hank: That's, yeah.

Hannah: I think happiness is different for everyone. So how to be happy... It really just depends on...

Hank: Netflix.

Hannah: Also Netflix.

Hank: Do you now about this (points to Hannah's hair)

Hannah: It happens a lot.


Hannah: Okay guys, uh, thank you so much for watching! If you guys wanna see more Hank, go on over to Vlogbrothers and check him out.

Hank: And if you like this, this is Hannah. She makes YouTube videos here.

Hannah: On the internet.

Hank: Yeah.

Hannah: Comin' to you live. From...

Hank: From the... well, it's not exactly live.

Hannah: Past

Hank: From the past! Live from the past! It's Hannah Hart!

Hannah: Hello!