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Hank tries to take the stairs.

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This clip is from "Hank Plays L.A. Noire #15 - The Fallen Idol." Watch the whole episode here:
(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

Hank: Is that the Cola King billboard? That's the Cola King billboard. OK, right there I see. So, I guess the fastest way would be up these stairs. 'Scuse me, pardon me sir.

Man: You don't care who gets in your way, do you!

H: Uh, did I ever say that I cared who gets in my way? I don't what stairs get in my way. That's for sure. Ah, come on stairs! Cooperate with me. Let's do this thing. Yeah, mmm. Mmm, oh come on! Come on! Let's do it Cole Phelps, show the world what you're made of which is the kind of stuff that can get up stairs. Yes! Yes, do the next one. (Grunting) Yeah, get up those stairs. Duh, yeah. Stairs are my... yeah. Only stairs. Ah, ooh, yeah. I'll show you who's boss, stairs. What is up? Yeah! Man, I destroyed some stairs just now. I am stair master, stair master Hank.