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In which John's commentary about the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers proves that context truly is everything.
It's the 86th minute. Let's keep it in Manchester United's end. Context is everything.

Now for my, uh, m-my uh, my penetrative analysis - context is everything!!

You've just gotta get down. You made me a promise. You promised you would get down faster, nope, context is everything.

And D. McGoldrilocks. D. McGoldrilocks has a beautiful , talented head, and, um, context is everything.
Why do I just keep drawing in the box, and expecting good thinks to happen, that's not how life works. Um, context is everything?

I know Other John Green is upset because he was gonna get on the end of that if it had been, if it had been long enough. But it wasn't. Wait - that was again a 'context is everything' moment.

I've noticed that Mark Anderson goes down when he has to.

Bald John Green couldn't get up! Umm... Oh, the difference the lack of a pronoun makes...

Ughhh, jerk off... The guy's name was Jerk-off. I don't wanna... I'm just... I'm stating a fact.

Bald John Green, you've gotta get up, and get that in. You've gotta get it up, and get it in! Context, friends, context.

*Moans of ecstasy*
How did we not give up a goal there? Umm... By the way, my, my, the three moans of agony slash ecstasy you just heard, I wanna remind you that context is everything.

Ohhh, I believe that's an American keeper, isn't it? Um, -oh, he certainly handled it like an American. Context is everything.

We can't not get it up, y'know? That's our issue. Context!

You can put him in defense if you want, but he's gonna score sometimes, because he's Brazilian, and they like to score. Context is everything.

One Size Fitz-Hall had a fantastic chance for a goal, but ughhh, his 38- year-old body just couldn't get up! Doh- Context! Context, guys! Come on. Show some class supporters!