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In which Hank gives an update on all of the things going on:

DFTBA $3 Shipping Sale

URLatron - Now $15!


VidCon Suggestions and Questions

Truth or Fail


Read it First

Project for Awesome (updated soon!)

The situation with Your Pants:
So, the load of 10,000 nerdfighters in ANYONE's pants is a lot to handle. We're in negotiations with some folks who should will hopefully make it so that we can host the forum without it crashing all the time and without us having to pay, like, $500 a month.

Your Pants remains a very high priority for us, so keep your fingers crossed, it should be up by January at the latest.


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A Bunny
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Good morning John, I hope that you don't mind but today I wanna give you an update on the things that I'm doing… and there are a lot of them.

So let's start in the middle.

2D glasses is the weirdest thing that I've ever done. Everyone in my town now knows me as the 2D glasses guy, which is funny because it, like, makes no money and it is not how I think of myself. But it's like all my technophobic, outdoorsy Montana friends finally found something that I do that they can understand. They don't watch a lot of YouTube videos.. mostly the ones of me that they watch are when I'm humping things or wearing a dress. That's why I love you nerdfighteria - I don't have to wear a dress to get you to pay attention. I will, though, if you need me to!

Hankgames is going swimmingly. Right now on hankgames we have, the Miracle of Swindon Town, Katherine is now playing Skyward Sword by herself, Katherine and I playing Super Mario Brothers Wii, which is probably the funniest thing that has ever happened to me and I'm playing Assassins Creed Revelations 'cause… yay!

My Minecraft experience is going well it's not going on hankgames, I will show you a little footage. I just worked all weekend to get my, my netherportal working..

Your Pants! The fight to bring back Your Pants continues and I seriously apologize that it has taken this long. But it turns out that the huge load of nerdfighterity in Your Pants is just really - hehe it's still funny.

Readit1st - I remain committed to its vision but John was supposed to be writing them during like the height of signing psychosis so they didn't, like, churn out like we were expecting them to. But we will re-energize readit1st and if you are committed to the magician - magician? Mission. Mission. Not magician. If you're committed to a magician, that's also fine. I, I wish the two of you the best. If you're committed to the mission of readit1st I commend you and, uh, read Hugo Cabret 'cause it's awesome.

URLatron. The thing that turns your Tumblr, very simply, into a dot com domain name. Our launch was good, but not a lot of people did it and I think it was probably because it was too expensive. So now I've taken the price from $30 to $15, which is now both super convenient and super cheap. So if you're interested in that,

VidCon is now, like, one half sold out so you better get your tickets now. I'm constantly working on ideas for what to do with VidCon, if you have any ideas we have a thing on our Facebook page I'll put a link to it, you can submit ideas you can also ask a questions and we'll answer those questions.

Truth or Fail now has over a 130,000 subscribers. I just did one on the Muppets because the movie was amazing!

DFTBA records is celebrating its 3rd anniversary which is crazy to me it's like not long ago at all that Alan and I decided that we needed to do this thing: create great products for people that they would love and help YouTube creators to do this thing, this thing right here for a living without having to sell off little pieces of their soul.

And we're having a 3rd anniversary cyber Monday thing where you can go and for the next three days including Monday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the shipping, no matter where you live, no matter what you buy, is $3 per order. Though a note: international orders can take a very long time so if you're expecting to get them before Christmas, you probably should not expect that.

My glasses. You noticed that these are the same old glasses, well that's because the world is annoying. First I had to go and get a new prescription so I went to Walmart where they gave me the wrong prescription. Literally, like, wrote down the numbers wrong. Second, LensCrafters, after getting the new prescription made the glasses wrong! They just had the wrong prescriptions in the lenses. I don't know why there's quality control in this field. I cursed in the mall yesterday when I was trying to pick up my glasses and they were wrong. In front of little kids, I said the F-word in front of these little kids 'cause I was so frustrated.

Frustrated was not the F-word I used.

Project for Awesome is happening, once again, like every year December 17th and 18th and we will need you to make videos, to curate videos, and to promote videos on December 17th and 18th so clear your schedules people.

John, that's all I've got going on right now. That's not true at all I've also got the SciShow and CrashCourse things and a couple other things, and other things. *sigh*

As long as I have time to play Super Mario brothers Wii with my wife, all is good in the world, John I'll see you on Wednesday.