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In John's most recent video, he said he would sue Viacom if his video went live and was monetized on It was.

Now we're exactly do we go about suing Viacom?

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Good morning, John; and good morning to all of the people who have never seen me before and who were asking yesterday, "Who the eff is Hank?" Well, Hank... is an unincorporated community in central Donley, Texas.

Sorry, there are some inside jokes that we just can't let go of. Enjoy! So for those of you who don't know why yesterday was a big deal for us and possibly for Viacom, here is a video you should watch.

Click on it and watch it, and then come back here and finish watching this video because this video won't make very much sense otherwise. So important things to know, One: Viacom is suing YouTube for profiting off of content that Viacom owned. Two: Viacom says that YouTube should have to manually approve every single video that they put on, which is somewhat problematic because, like, 24 hours of video get uploaded to YouTube every single minute.

I'm not saying that I don't want that job, I'm just saying that even the masterminds at Google would probably have a hard time figuring out how to then make YouTube make enough money to not go bankrupt. The other problem with this, of course, is that Number Three: Viacom says that its video-sharing website,, is manually approved. All of the content on there is viewed by a person and approved only if it does not have copyright infringements.

Now this is problematic, since a huge majority of the "Viral" category of's uploaded videos are owned by independent content creators that did not give Viacom the permission to put their videos on their site with 30-second pre-rolls, covered in advertisements from all angles. As of earlier today, among those people whose videos have been ripped off by include my brother John's video on why Viacom needs to not sue YouTube. That is correct, my friends, Viacom is happily monetizing a video made by my brother about how Viacom happily monetizes videos that they do not own.

I don't really think that there's any appropriate response to this, aside from possibly extreme frustration. But if you happen to be an Intellectual Property attorney, can you tell us whether or not we could sue Viacom? 'Cause it feels like we should. I have spent some time wandering around in the last few days and, man, it is a really bad website.

I pretty much reverted to my 14-year-old self. [as 14-year-old] Boobies. And violence. And viol... and boobies.

And violence and butts. And boobies and violence and Mountain Dew. [normal voice] Apparently, some people got stuck at 14, and those people, they love I just got a call from John; after 300 views, Viacom actually took his video down.

But that does not change the fact that Viacom just made 60 cents off a video that they didn't own. That is illegal, and it should stop! And it should stop on more than just our video; it should stop on all of the copyrighted videos that Viacom is putting up on

I would be perfectly happy suing them for 60 cents. If you are a lawyer and you think that you can do this, and you wanna give us maybe... ten hours of your time, please email us at hankandjohn at And I also have to send a shout-out to all of the amazing people who featured John's video yesterday.

So thank you if you are watching this and you are a member of the Reddit community. It is not every day that you find a community on the Internet that is thoughtful and respectful and intelligent. Oh, and also I should mention to everyone, if you're already subscribed to me, YouTube has a new awesome thing where you can click on the "Edit Subscription" button, which is right up there, I think... and you can actually check a little box that has YouTube email you every time a VlogBrothers video gets put on the Internet.

So if you do that, you will be the first person to see the video. All I ask is that, if you are that first person to watch the video, don't leave a comment saying "First!"; I don't wanna hear it. And you know what, Viacom?

There's no sense crying over every mistake. We're all familiar with the tragedy of being you. But I've got another meeting, maybe we should wrap this up.

I'm glad to see you take constructive criticism well. Thank you for your time; I know you're busy as hell. But we'll put this thing to bed as... [breaking in to song] we bash your head open!

All we want to do is eat your brains! We're not unreasonable; I mean, no one's gonna eat your eyes. [spoken] John, I will see you on Friday; and lawyers, please email us at hankandjohn at [plays final chords]