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In which John discusses many things in 12 parts while watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup match between South Africa and Mexico.


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A Bunny
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Good morning, Hank.

It's Friday. I'm in a hotel in Milwaukee because the Yeti's cousin is becoming a Catholic priest and I am here to witness it. Today's video comes to you in 12 parts.

That's right, Hank,12 parts. I think that might be a parts record. Hold on a second.

Sorry, Hank, the uh 2010 FIFA world cup has just begun and I am... An interesting fact about me, Hank is that I have watched at least part of every world cup game since 1994. Part 1.

Getitgetitgetitgetit. Ohhhh oh. Hank, South Africa just hit the post in the 89th minute.

Part 2. As far as Viacom stealing my video goes, I still want my money. As far as I can tell, what Viacom did to me and what they've done to hundreds of others is the exact same as what they're suing YouTube for purportedly doing to them.

Hank, we've talked to some lawyers who think that Viacom probably made whereabouts of two dollars for stealing my video. If Viacom is so opposed to piracy, I assume they'll be sending me my two dollars soon. Part 3.

Part 4. So Hank, Vidcon is less then a month away and a related story, haaaaaa is the sound that my anxiety makes. There's no more rooms at the hotel available, but we got a group rate at a different hotel.

The prices are about to go up for Vidcon for the last time. Plus, it's almost sold out so nerdfighters if you wanna go you should probably register now. It's gonna be fun.

In addition to all the YouTubers, lots of people from YouTube are gonna be there who are gonna give like keynotes about the inner-workings of YouTube, which will be fascinating to me. Is there anything else I was supposed to say? Ohh if you're under 18 you will need someone in your party over 18 in order to check into the hotel.

Sorry. Ohh and Natalie Tran can;t come, Community Channel. She's so great, but she can;t come all the way from Australia.

We're bummed out about it, but we totally understand. Part 5. What I love about soccer is that it rewards the perfect balance between creativity and discipline, in which sense it is exactly like writing books.

Only it's so much more beautiful then writing books, which is why I am not working today. Part 6. I'm so good at counting.

Ohh if only it weren't for Thierry Henry's hands. Part 7. I get so nervous I have to watch it on mute.

Part 8. Ningmaster Tom. I keep forgetting to say this, Hank, because last time Ningmaster Tom appeared in a video he was comatose, but Ningmaster Tom is fine.

He's got some problems with his left eye, but he is doing much better. He is very grateful to all the nerdfighters for all your support. Thank you guys for being so awesome and for helping him in his recovery.

Part 9. I don't even care about this game, why am I so excited? Part 10.

Ohhhhh, great save. Part... I don't have enough fingers.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And lastly, Part 12. I have a new website, at which you can find out about forthcoming nerdfighter gatherings and other events in like Washington D.

C. and Munich, Germany and Edinburgh, Scotland and London, England. Incidentally, Paper Towns just published in the United Kingdom. Please buy it otherwise they will never publish another one of my books there.

Alright, Hank, I have to go watch France play Uruguay, but I'll see you on Monday.