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Today we're summing each other's personality up in the only way we know how - CEREAL!

Also, it's Wednesday, so we'll be taking on one of you in a Skype challenge.

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Charlie & Jimmy

  Intro (0:00

Jimmy: Good Morning!

Charlie: I'm Charlie.

J: I'm Jimmy.

C: Today on the show, you get to find out which one of us is just the tiniest bit evil.

J: Hmm. Also we speak to one of you guys on the phone. Well, Skype.

Both: It's Cereal Time.


J: Hello, hello. Welcome! It's Cereal Time. Thanks for joining us. Cereal Time is a week day show, where we just chat, we hang out, we play games, we do challenges.

C: We do whatever, and if you'd like to get in touch with us at any point during the show, please do send us an e-mail to

J: Please do. Yeah. Today we thought we'd introduce ourselves to you using cereal 'cause Charlie and I've, we've known each other for years, haven't we? Years and years. We thought "Why not, like, try and represent the other's personality but using cereal?" 'Cause you know, it's the name of the show and that. We're gonna come up with some cereal concoctions.

C: Yeah. It's boring to just say this is who this person is. Got to make something to eat while you do it, as well.

J: Why not?

C: So shall we get set up?

J: Let's get set up.

  Making Cereals (1:01

J: Okay, so I am going to explain Charlie's personality, how I see it, using cereal.

C: Okay, I'm ready.

J: Are you ready?

C: I'm pretty interested. There's a lot of weird stuff going on here so...

J: Well, look at your side of the table.

C: Yeah, I've got a lot of stuff. You're a complicated guy, but I'm still interested to see this.

J: So each item has a story. I've been thinking about this quite a lot, so I'm quite proud of this. I'm gonna start with Weetabix. Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking dry, boring. No. That is not why I've chosen Weetabix.

C: I'm still thinking it.

J: I've chosen it because it's solid, it's dependable. It's kind of like, it's liked by everyone, I think, Weetabix. And it's got good moral fiber. You know, I feel like you can rely on Weetabix. And Charlie has all of those traits as well.

C: You've just said very nice things about me there, while also putting Weetabix in a bowl.

J: So that's our base. Honey Cheerios. These are very sweet, Charlie's very sweet. Get that in there. It's simple one, that. It doesn't need much explanation. 

C: But Cheerios, would you say that they also represent there being something missing. 

J: They're not completely whole, are they?

C: Yeah. 

J: I'll get to that in a little bit.

C: Alright.

J: OK. Next up, cream crackers. 

C: Which is not a cereal, just...

J: It's not a cereal, I went a little bit off piste with this. Charlie and I, the first time we started hanging out was when we, years ago, we were part of this show, this BBC show called Chartjackers. So I thought Chartjackers, cream crackers, it rhymes. That's how we met, it's going in the bowl. Just don't question it people, just go along with it.

C: It'll do. It'll do. Throw it in. You gonna...

J: So it's an unconventional breakfast. I'm going to crumble it in.

C: I have to eat this as well, right? Later? Great.

J: Yeah. You have to eat every single drop. We don't like wasting food on Cereal Time.

C: No, I'm going to take all of these home.

J: So that's in there. It's looking very beige so far.

C: I'm a pretty beige guy.

J: No, that's where these come in. 

C: Okay. 

J: Lucky Charms. We're gonna add some color, but also Lucky Charms, they're a bit Irish, aren't they? Got a leprechaun on. Your second name: Irish origins. McDonnell.

C: Yeah. My grandad is Irish. That's where McDonnell comes from, so...

J: Sprinkle those on. 

C: Lucky Charms.

J: It was either that or a McMuffin but Charlie doesn't eat meat now, so...

C: They do look pretty dreadful anyway to be honest.

J: Have you ever tried Lucky Charms?

C: Yeah.

J: They're so sweet.

C: They are very sweet.

J: I don't know how these are allowed. I would not be allowed to eat these every day for breakfast. No way. OK, next up, Rich Tea biscuits. 

C: Again, not cereal.

J: Charlie loves his tea. Whenever there is tea being made in the office, Charlie is straight there. "Yeah, I'll have a tea." We don't even have to ask.

C: Josh doesn't even have to... No. He never asks, he just says "tea" and then there it is. 

J: These are quite hard to open.

C: Maybe just don't put them in.

J: No, they've got to go in. I've bought them now. These were 29 pence. These are definitely going in.

C: Do you want me to work on that while you do the next one?

J: You work on that. Okay, next up, Chocolate Weetos. Now, let me open these guys. The reason I chose Chocolate Weetos... Oh, wow, they smell amazing.

C: Are these your favorite cereal?

J: They are my favorite cereal. Because Charlie actually has... Yeah, just crumble it right in there. Charlie has, and you only get to see it occasionally, but Charlie, deep inside, does have quite a dark sense of humor, which you occasionally get a glimpse of, which I love. I absolutely love it. So the Weeto, I'm just going to put one Weeto in there, that's Charlie's dark side. So the Weeto is Charlie's dark side. That's going in there. Going to rummage that right in. So you'll find it, but you wont see it very often. 

C: Just a little bit of evil hidden in there.

J: Yeah. A little bit of evil.

C: Do you want your tea back?

J: Next up, Nerds. 

C: It's pretty self explanatory really, isn't it?

J: I'm not going to tell you, I'm just going to put them in. I'm going to go for some Nerds. I don't know what this is going to taste like, by the way. 

C: I'm not really looking forward to it, to be honest. 

J: There's a lot in there. Oh wow, these are so brightly colored. 

C: Jesus, I am so sweet!

J: Oh, Sorry.

C: Okay, we'll just leave that to clean up later.

J: Look at that!

C: Jesus.

J: I think that looks amazing. Okay, so, finally to finish it off..

C: Are we still going?

J: Yeah, there's one more bit. I'm going to try to do something a bit special. I have got here some red food coloring. Now stick with me with this, guys. Don't be clicking off. Don't be looking at those other tabs. Drop of red food coloring. In there.

C: How long has that bottle been up there?

J: Ooh, that looks horrific. I've washed it out, Charlie. Calm down. I just went to the kitchen and washed it out. Some blue food coloring.

C: I see where this is going.

J: Can you guess where I'm going? Hopefully this is gonna work.

C: In theory, purple, right?

J: That's the hope. That is the hope. So let's see what happens. Oh, that's kind of working!

C: That's purple milk.

J: That's kind of worked.

C: Nice job.

J: So if I give that a little... See science on Cereal Time as well, we covering all the bases.

C: Wow. So this is like primary school.

J: Well that's not gonna work. I'm just going to pour it onto the spoon.

C: That's also science in a way, isn't it?

J: Purple milk, because we all remember when charlieissocoollike painted himself purple. I thank you ladies and gentlemen. That is charlieissocoollike in a bowl.

C: Wow. That's pretty incredible. Okay, shall I have a go at it then?

J: Have a go. Get stuck in.

C: Trying to get a bit of everything. God, there is so much going on here. 

J: Love the purple milk! It sort of looks like something you'd wash your paintbrushes out with. It's kind of all brown and purple. How's it tasting?

C: Umm...

J: Have you got some cream cracker in there?

C: I got a bit of everything. Oh. You should try that.

J: How do you taste? I'm going to have to share your spoon.

C: I taste like I want to make myself feel sick.

J: Okay. Ugh.

C: It's not good.

J: The cream cracker is really weird.

C: Okay, while I'm wincing. I will now have a go at making Jimmy.

J: Sour.

C: So I have a lot of bits of cereal here, so I'm going to try to whiz through these. First we have Shreddies.

J: OK.

C: Because I think you tend to be a bit dry and boring, sometimes.

J: Go on, explain.

C: When you're regaling your history.

J: I do like to talk about history a lot.

C: But it's also nice history. You know? So I like Shreddies. They're a bit dry and boring, but also tasty.

J: I'll take that.

C: And for me, they're a bit of an old favorite. Like I'm a big fan of the old Shreddies. So, like, you know, they're a good friend to me, as you are.

J: And I'm old, as well. Sp old favorite. 

C: Not knitted by nanas though.

J: No.

C: Then we've also got a bit of Special K here.

J: Go on.

C: So I liked the idea of using Special K because it's... I will remember why I decided upon Special K in a moment. Well, it's like...

J: I look great in a red swimsuit. That's what the woman on the red Special K advert wears.

C: Something along those lines. It's because you don't like conflict, but you will get the job done when you need to. The reason I picked Special K for that is because they are healthy, I think. They at least attest to being healthy, but they also taste good. So that's why I picked this.

J: It's like me, I am healthy but I do taste good.

C: We've also got, what are these called now? Honey Monster Puffs. The reason I went for these is because they're light and you're light, light-hearted, but they also have gone through a bit of a rebranding. They used to be called Sugar Puffs, right. They're kind of making a comeback, just sort of what we're doing with Cereal Time.

J: That is true. This is kind of a rebrand, isn't it?

C: Yeah, exactly. A bit of rebranding. Both on the cereal there and with Jimmy.

J: Also, these are delicious.

C: They are pretty good.

J: I'll take those.

C: They are a favorite of mine. Got Krave here, because you love a good brand deal.

J: Gotta get the cash in.

C: Gotta make our money somewhere.

J: (Laughs) I love that you put Krave in there. 

C: Just throw it in.

J: I'm not a sell-out, honest.

C: Not sponsored by Krave.

J: Absolutely not.

C: Now, we've got Alpen and the reason I picked Alpen...

J: My favorite.

C: Is because you've got a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor. And Alpen is a bit sarcastic in and of itself because it attests to being healthy but is actually full of sugar.

J: That's very true.

C: So not saying you're a liar, or anything, but that's where the sarcasm comes in.

J: It's, there's a lot of, yeah, hypocrisy there.

C: Yep. Corn flakes 'cause you're a classic old-school YouTuber, been around a long time.

J: Represent 2008 YouTube. Represent.

C: I've really gotten through those corn flakes. And finally, some little sweeties, to throw in here. Jammie Dodgers. 

J: Ooh, nice. 

C: Jimmy likes to call his audience Jim Jams, so Jammie Dodgers is a big part of your branding, so I thought I gotta get those in there.

J: Oh, they're cute as well.

C: Just little mini Jammie Dodgers. And finally, I found these heart marshmallows.

J: Aw!

C: So I'm just going to put one in there.

J: Yeah.

C: Because you're a sweetheart!

J: Aw, Charlie.

C: I'm gonna put a sweet heart at the core of your cereal.

J: I'm getting emotional. That looks pretty good.

C: So while you put evil in the middle of mine, I'm putting niceness.

J: You're putting a heart. 

C: Do you want to pass me the milk? 

J: Do you want purple milk or regular?

C: Just regular milk. I feel like there's enough going on here. 

J: There you go, splash some of that in. I'm quite excited to taste this, it looks pretty good.

C: Yeah. It kind of blends well together, this one. 

J: They're all cereals that I really like as well. 

C: Oh good. Well, here you go. Have a try.

J: Okay. 

C: I'm not going to eat anymore of me 'cause I have gotten quite soggy.

J: Josh can eat you. Josh wants to try you, I can see it in his eyes. Okay, I'm going to get a Jammie Dodger, a little bit of Krave there, a bit of Shreddies.

C: What do you think, Jimmy?

J: Mmm!

C: Yeah? It's good?

J: Very good.

C: Jammie Dodgers in cereal gets a thumbs up from Jimmy. 

J: Really good. So, there we are.

 What a load of old Skype (10:52

J: It is Wednesday and on Wednesdays on Cereal Time we like to play the Skype game. Every week, it's a different game. Today on Skype, we're gonna be playing "What's The Noise?"

C: Pretty self-explanatory, really. We've got Leslie on the line. Are you there Leslie?

Leslie: I am, hello.

C: Hello.

J: Yay, Leslie's here. Our first ever guest!

C: Do you have a noise ready?

L: I do. It's a doozy.

C: Okay, Josh, have you got the timer ready? So we're gonna have thirty seconds. You're gonna just keep making that noise and we've got to guess what the noise is. Are we ready?

L: Alright.

J: I've got my ears ready.

L: Alright.

C: OK, lets do it. Let's listen. Whenever you're ready, Josh. Okay, go for it.

C: Okay. So this is...

J: It sounds like a violent stroking of a cat.

C: Is it like a toy car you're rolling across a desk? No?

L: Nope.

C: Oh.

J: Is it a guillotine? You know, those paper slicing guillotines. Are you going back and forth with one of those?

L: Nope.

J: That was a pretty obscure thing, but I thought I'd put it out there. Are you combing something? Are you, like, combing a wig?

C: Oh God. Stop talking, I can't hear the noise!

L: No.

Josh: That's time.

C: That's it. Alright, we didn't get it, sorry. Right, what was the noise, Leslie? Oh it's a broom.

J: What is that?

C: Is it a broom?

J: Is it a broom?

L: No, it's faux, faux grass.

C: Faux grass. (Laughs)

J: You were stroking faux grass.

C: Wow, that was a difficult one for the first ever one. Good job, Leslie.

J: Wow. Thanks Leslie. You know what this means though? It means you, you lucky thing, because you've won, because you've beaten us, you get to go on our winner's board.

C: Yay!

J: So we've got a photo of Leslie here. 

L: Yes!

J: I'm going to stick you right there. Congratulations! How does it feel?

L: I've always wanted to see my really sarcastic face on some cork.

J: Good, dreams come true. 

C: Dreams come true. Thank you, Leslie.

J: Thanks, Leslie, bye!

L: Thank you, bye!

 Outro (12:48

J: There we are, thanks for watching, guys. We've done another Cereal Time. If you liked the show, then please give us a like, press the thumbs up and subscribe as well 'cause we're here every single week day and you don't want to miss a thing. 

C: "Don't wanna"

Both: "Miss a thing"

C: "Is that copyrighted?" We're going to do Twitter Quote of the Week right now. Obviously we don't have any quotes from people yet. Do please send us inspirational quotes via Twitter, but for now Jimmy's going to come up with one off the top of his head. And his words are: Obama, the Thames, and Cleopatra. Off you go, Jimmy. An inspirational quote.

J: What? OK. An inspirational quote: Obama, the Thames, and Cleopatra.

C: All nouns.  That's probably why it's hard.

J: "Obama is an inspirational guy, the Thames, the lifeblood of London, also inspirational. Don't know a lot about Cleopatra, but I'm sure she was great. Inspiration."

C: (Laughs) Wow. I feel uplifted.

J: It's really hard!

C: It is really hard.

J: It's really hard.

C: Oh God.

J: We'll see you tomorrow. 

C: Alright. See you tomorrow.