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Mike Lombardo:


Some nerdfighters are organizing in an unofficial livestream here:

Every year, YouTube's Community takes over YouTube for a day...and instead of being stupid or funny or informative...we promote charities. Just one day a year...we'll get back to being silly tomorrow.

Every year on December 17th, members of the YouTube community have gathered together to promote charities in their videos and then promote those videos, ensuring that they get a lot of views.
So click an annotation and get to commenting!
Stay tuned for more info, or check out
Hank: Hello. We are at our hotel and the lights have just turned off and the internet has stopped working and it’s very, very dark. I’m trying to light myself with my laptop.

Corey: I… Hang on, I have a flashlight.

Hank: There’s a… Oh, Oh wow. That’s good.

Corey: Perfect

Hank: Corey Vidal has a flashlight. Oh ho ho, that is creepy. And, so we at least can make videos but we cannot upload them and I don’t know… I am just realizing that is why the housekeeping lady brought us glow sticks.

Corey: Where are those glow sticks?

Hank: I, we were all like ’OK, thanks for the glow sticks’.

Corey: Hank, I have a glow stick.

Hank: They must have known this was going to happen because they brought us glow sticks. And, uh, yeah. So that, the internet and the elevators I imagine and also all of the climate control is all off so hopefully we’ll survive this ordeal. Um, we, we have glow sticks and a flashlight and so I think we’ll be fine but we can’t organize Project for Awesome, uh, from a place with no internet.

Corey: You can’t even upload this.

Hank: I can’t even upload this so this will go up afterward and we, uh, will be commenting on as soon as, uh, the internet comes back on we will be commenting on, uh, Michael Lombardo’s, uh, Mr Holland’s Opus video and HappySlip’s video and you will be able to click… Ow that’s very bright! You will be able to click right here. Over here and up here. Here and here and here to click on those and, uh, I have a big zit on my head that I just noticed. And that is all. Bye.