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Thanks to everyone for bearing with us through the power outage; let's keep commenting through the second day, and check out all the amazing raffle prizes at
John: Hi, good morning. It is 6:22 in the morning here in Los Angeles and they just turned the power back on in our hotel. A lot of people are coming to the Project for Awesome now because of the YouTube logo who have no idea what’s going on so here is a quick summary. You will see annotations all around my face right now. Those are six Project for Awesome videos that we think are awesome, that we want to go into and promote. We promote them by liking them and commenting upon them and commenting and commenting and commenting. We do this to simulate virality because then videos about charity will be seen by lots and lots of people. And we hope that you will join us by clicking on each of these videos, watching them and promoting them. By the way, yes I am aware that I am wearing yesterday’s t-shirt. In a related story, you should be very grateful that YouTube does not have smell-o-vision because I have not yet brushed my teeth. By the way, do you ever think about the fact that until, like, the 19th century every single kiss for all of human history involved just epically bad breath. The Project for Awesome is also a fundraiser. You can go to and find all kinds of amazing raffles like you can win Shay Carl’s actual beard or a guitar from MysteryGuitarMan, camcorders and Xbox Kinect, all kinds of awesome stuff so go over to as well, link down there. In this round we’ve got Project for Awesome videos from everybody from MysteryGuitarMan to people with one or two subscribers. Alright, I’ll see you in comments, don’t forget to be awesome. Oh and P.S. a reminder, if you need extra motivation every single comment up to a million comments in the Project for Awesome is worth one penny to Partners in Health or Save the Children.