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In which Hank and Charlie play Portal 3!
Hank: Hello and welcome to Hank and Charlie play Portal 3. (Laughs) We got it before everyone else.

Charlie: It's so much fun. There are so many portals.

H: Yeah. We've... There are portals that you've never seen before.

C: (Laughs) Um...

H: Ah! Oh my God! I was like "Ooh, I could try that thing down there" but it turns out it's just a robot crushing machine. So that's not good.

C: (Laughs) It seems like it should be easier than it is. OK, I'm gonna do this.

H: OK.

C: Whee. I'm up here now. And then I'm gonna do, uh, this. OK. That doesn't launch me high enough.

H: No.

C: Is what I've just discovered.

H: Yes. Unless I were to have done that first and then you would end up there. That doesn't actually help.

C: What do we need, we need to press this button.

H: What does that button do?

C: It does that.

H: Oh!

C: So...

H: What does that...?

C: You're in there. So what you need to do now is something. Hold on. I'm gonna do this. No.

H: You're gonna shoot where my feet are so I fall through that and then hit that.

C: I don't, hmm.

H: And then fall into the crushy pit. That doesn't seem like a good idea.

C: If I do this right... I don't, I don't quite know what to do. I feel like you need to be, like, you need to be up there where that is, right?

H: Well I can do that. That's easy enough. The problem is that then I fall into the death. So...

C: Yeah. So once you're up there then I need to do, I need to make it so that...

H: Something catches me.

C: Yeah, you're caught by the excursion funnel.

H: Oh! Clever, clever, clever.

C: Right.

H: OK.

C: And then something happens, I'm sure.

H: OK. So I'm getting in here.

C: And then I'm gonna shoot a portal here and then... Alright. So you just need to, what do you need to do here?

H: I need to be...

C: OK.

H: OK, we're gonna have to simultaneously make portals.

C: OK. So what, who needs to shoot what where?

H: I'm gonna shoot there.

C: OK. You're gonna shoot there and then you're gonna come out of that and then when you shoot there I'm gonna shoot... So, OK. So as soon as you shoot there I need to shoot...

H: A yellow up there.

C: A yellow. And then once you come... I don't shoot a yellow up there, I shoot one there, right?

H: Yeah. That's...

C: I shoot yellow there and...

H: That's what I was trying to shoot.

C: Red one there. OK.

H: But there's a thing in my way.

C: So, so, alright. OK, good.

H: I need...

C: Got it. Ready?

H: Yes.

C: 3, 2, 1.

Both: Science!

H: Oh.

C: Yeah!

H: What? But, this isn't what I expected. OK, excellent. (Both laugh) I expected just to fall straight into this. OK, now I've got a cube.

C: So can you bring that cube over here?

H: Yes I can as it happens.

C: OK. I guess we put this on the button so that we can both do that?

H: Both do that.

C: Yeah. OK.

H: OK.

C: Let's, let's do it again.

H: You're gonna come with me? Over here?

C: What, would... I don't think we should do this at the same time. What are you, crazy?

H: (Laughs) I think you're right. I think you're right. (Both laugh).

C: Right, ready?

H: 1, 2, 3, science.

C: Science.

H: (Laughs) I think you're taking an extra step but whatever.

C: Well how would you recommend this happen?

H: I don't... Oh jeez. Can I... How do I make your portal? I guess I can do it.

C: Oh... Can you shoot one... OK. So what am I doing now? I'm doing just the same thing?

H: Yeah, if you can.

C: I don't think I can do the same thing. I think it needs to be, I think we actually need to do it the other way round 'cause I can't shoot.

H: OK. OK. I'm ready.

C: OK, I'm not ready.

H: OK.

C: So where do I, where do I shoot? I just shoot...

H: You just shoot the slant-y thing and I'll take care of everything else.

C: OK. I'm putting my faith in you. 3, 2, 1, science.

H: Science.

C: Oh yeah. It was... Yeah that was the...

H: I couldn't, I couldn't explain it to you but I did (laughs)...

C: You did see it. Yeah, that makes sense.

GLaDOS: complete these tests, I'm not sure I trust the two of you together.

H: I have no idea how long that was, but that took us...

C: Longer than it should have.

H: (Laughs) Always.

C: Just as long as we needed it to.

H: Yeah. We could end it, we could end it here.

C: OK.

H: 'Cause the next portal, the next chamber is probably going to be massive and difficult.

C: Yeah.

H: So thank you for watching this episode of Hank and Charlie play Portal. We will be back next time for more.

C: Mhmm. We sure will.

H: We sure will. There's a lot...

C: Say the thing!

H: Is there a lot more left? Say goodbye, Charlie.

C: Goodbye Ch...